Final fight, star gladiator etc

Anyone know if there are plans to do any one off comics or mini series for some other capcom games that have lent characters to streetfighter like final fight, tech rommancer, star gladiator, misadventures of tron bonne, mega man or resident evil?

I would love to see UDON do megaman, final fight and resident evil.

I stopped collecting comics but came back to it only because of street fighter. I would gladly collect the titles I mentioned as well.

Megaman and Megaman related titles - Probably not until the Megaman Battle Network manga finishes. Just in my experience, when the manga of something runs, the comic is not running. Malibu’s SF comic is canceled, the Tokuma comic starts up. Dreamwave Megaman and Devil May Cry are canceled, MMBN and DMC3 mangas start up. Always seems to work that way with Capcom stuff in the comic world in the US.

Final Fight - I asked Ken Siu-Chong at the NY Comic Con about putting FF characters in the SF comic since we haven’t seen any of them yet. He said the FF characters almost have their own storyline in SF and he just doesn’t see them fitting in right now, that he’d like to do a Final Fight One Shot comic at some point.

Studio Udon will be translating an Onimusha manga that bridges the gap between Onimusha 3 and 4. And as you prolly know Rival Schools is coming.

If it’s any consilation there’s a Killer 7 comic from another company on the stands now. And the Devil May Cry 3 Manga is really good. There’s been a slew of Resident Evil comics in English available in the past that you can track down, some from Image that were okay, but the Resident Evil Code Veronica comic from Hong Kong is EXCELLENT!

Yes I would like to see more Capcom titles from Udon too in the future. But I dunno, they seem to have their hands full right now. For the time being I’m just waiting for RS and DS to come back along with the Onimusha manga. And SF2 issue 3…

cheers for the info will be well happy if they do a final fight one shot they cold easily do a couple of cover variants for it as well say a powerfoil for cody, haggar and guy among other ones

don’t mind so much about other capcom games but final fight has to be top of the list thanks to street fighter alpha it should be easy to work the charachters in

i can’t see why they can’t do what they did with birdie to just work the characters in i mean it should be quite easy to work in most of them briefly during the next street fighter tournament and then release the final fight one shot straight after to cover all the characters back stories and what not