Final Flashstep 2 (Bleach DS 2nd Online Toutnament) - Saturday May5th, 2007

Dark Lord Uraj from the Gamefaqs and #bleach_ds ( is hosting the “Final Flashstep 2” Bleach DS:2nd tournament.

Date: Saturday May 5th, 2007
Time: 4:30pm PST (7:30pm EST)
Place: Online IRC at, #bleach_ds
Registration: at the link below on gamefaqs

This is a 2on2 team tournament.

To sign up, read full details, and read some discussion (like rule clarifications) go to:

The rules as originally posted by Uraj are:
Team Battles
Round Robin
No Reifu/Reiju
2 Plane

The tournament will be conducted through IRC in #bleach_ds on

It should be fun!

Doh… wish I could edit the subject since I typo’d tournament :stuck_out_tongue:

Yo, is it easy to play Jap games on my DS? I always wanted Bleach, but didn’t know if I could play it if I imported it. Also, I’m under the assumption that it didn’t get released here.

Yep, the DS is region-free (so is the PSP and PS3 for that matter). In addition to that, there are some faqs available to help guide you through the game.

thanks dude

anyone wanna be on my team? <.<

Chanchai, thanks for posting the tournament, but you forgot to put that I pushed the tournament back a week.

It takes place next Saturday, the 12th, at the previously aforementioned time.

Hope to see some new faces there.