Final Justice Question and Combo Video Thread



A) Does this have invincibility like other certain level 3s? The bible says nothing on the subject, and neither does the SRK wiki. I’d like to know if I can use this on reaction like certain other level 3s as a get out of jail free card like other characters seem to be able to do.

B) Please post some videos of people comboing into this Hyper, because I’ll be damned if I can do it. Half the time when I cancel 236L from the corner it doesn’t even work. I just need some tech to steal. Thanks.


A) No, there’s no invincibility. Your get out of jail free card is Hyper S&S, and even that is not all the way out of jail.

B) Any BnB that pushes them into the corner and ends with a charging star will connect with a Final Justice. If you leave out the 2nd charging star, in your BnB, you should be able to connect with a Final Justice.


There is no invincibility on the start up of final justice. . . .there is invincibility on forward movement of it. So if you time it right you should be able to beat anything lol. Other than that, lamuness pretty much just said it all.


Ok, got it. Yeah, I experimented yesterday with it after I posted the thread. I even figured out an easy backthrow combo that ends in Final Justice. It was one of things from back on Day 1 when I couldn’t execute for shit, and I just hadn’t tried yet, and it occured to me as being really slow on startup compared to other level 3s.