Final Punch

Okay, so I’ve been playing around with Barlog’s final punch on CvS2 live and realized this move is indeed very useful. Works wonderfully against turtles.

Nothing has ever been more satisfying that landing two back-to-back final punchs with red Balrog (K groove). Some characters will go dizzy with just one hit.

Basically what I am doing is holding three kick buttons (with my thumb, index finger and pinky) and using my other two fingers to operate the punch buttons. K groove is probably the best but other grooves like C and P should work well, too.

Since you are only required to hold two buttons, holding three behaves the same as charging twice; let go of short kick to launch for first final punch and then either of the two remaining kicks for the second.

Using K groove with Rage, a red seven destroys about two thirds of the guard meter. Another charge punch will vaporize it and leave your opponent wide open for a Gigaton punch to the face; very, very satisfying. Puts a smile on my face every time.

If you can jump in with a fierd punch, land with strong and cancel that into the final punch, the guard meter will vaporize instantly. Start your favorite super combo and follow up with another final punch as they get up for pretty decent amount of blocking damage.

This tactic actually works better than I ever imagined, but its so effective against turtles that it really can be incorporated into your game. Often times, the punch will connect and you won’t ever have a chance to use your super. A red final does almost as much damage as the gigaton blow. Every time I kill someone with it I can’t help but think the person on the other must be in shock. “I had half my health, WTF???”

Something else I discovered is when you land a ‘late’ final punch as they get up (i.e. the punch hits them at the last possible moment), that can be comboed into any level 3 super. I have managed to pull this off numerous against unsuspecting opponents on live.

More often than not, what usually happens around 65 seconds or so, I take a hit that starts my Rage (turns me red), causing my opponent to back off in fear of (or trying to bait me into) a gigaton blow. A quick release of the 7 or 8 (and often times 9 or final) deletes their precious 3 quarters of guard meter they had left. I follow that up with a super to end the match.

Even if they block a red final, it does so much block damage its really quite astonishing. It can be used to get that ‘last hit’ when they are least expecting it. Very satisfying as well.

cool i like Balrol too…but i play c-groove…
my balrog is not the best…but could easy destroy any normal player …

I fucking NEVER would have thought of that. Thank you!