FINAL RESULTS AND BRACKETS POSTED - The 4th Online SRK Brawl Tourney April 5, 2008

Final Results:

Congrats to Ceirnian, for winning the tourney out of the loser’s bracket. He won a month premium courtesy of me.

Congrats to Yonex for running through winners bracket until ceirnian, which was a close match 4-3 in the second set.

Final brackets and results for 16 entrants:

Final Brackets

Individual Match Scores

Lots of forfeits, and such. It was 9 people who had entered previous touneys and 7 who were new, and were seeded loosely on previous performances. Most of the results are pretty consistant except for the new people.
I’ll let the individual entrants make comments about their own matches.

1 Ceirnian [CIER]
2 Yonex [YONEX]
3 PsyShonen [iKill]
4 Tam [TAM]
5 CyntalanMaelstrom [CUNT]
5 SkyElemental [LxCsd]
7 BowlingPin [BPIN] (Forfeited)
7 PimpWilly [PIMP]
9 Quiche [QOOCH]
9 Rekano [RIOT]
9 Kesh! [KESH]
9 Monte [MONTE] (Forfeited)
13 Judderman [JuDDz]
13 MasterMind [MMSRK]
13 Keits [KEITS]
13 LordLocke [LOCKE] (Forfeited)


The 4th Online unofficial, (but mod sanctioned!) SRK Brawl Tourney will be

Saturday, April 5, 2008. Signups start at 10:00am PST, Tourney begins at 10:30am PST (1:30) EST


Rules will be similar to the previous 3 tourneys. You can look up the thread link yourself with ITEMS OFF.

As summary

Rules will be. Double Elination, Best 3/5 games per set.
Items off.
First stage will be picked at random (provided by me or tournament assistant), Loser of each game may either
A.) Pick a stage and keep same character
B.) Pick a new character and battle on a new random stage (again provided by me or an assistant)



Extra rules (stock + timed matches) MUST BE UNLOCKED.

Must have independant and quick access to IRC in order to report results, get matchups, stage pickcs, etc. You will be given the tournament channel information there. (join channel #srkbrawl prior to registration time)

New rules: Only 1 entrant per Wii. Sorry for multiple people in the same location that want to join.

We’ve had some pretty good tournaments and turn outs in the past and hope to continue the streak.

Remember we are looking for a good viable rule set for Evo. Lots of people have complained Items are messing them up. Lets see if they can prove their point and rise to the top.

I’ll update info etc when I can. Shit’s going down at work today for me so I’ll maintain it when I can.

And stay tuned for the upcoming brawl Team tourney.

Feel free to early register.

Damn I can’t make it me n my boys are going to I-con now, tomorrow they’re holding a brawl tournament and i’m sure there’s going to be mad heads there so i’l try to record some footage and rep SRK!

I think you mean April 5th :] I’m not sure if I can make this or not, but I will try.

re-confirmation, I’ll be there.

I’m there.


I should be there. Work’s having a staff meeting at 9, but it shouldn’t take more then an hour- at worst, I might be a little late for Round 1.

I’m in

Make sure to yell out in your video SRK WE DA BEST. Rep dat Zoota Knight! YOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUU! :rofl:

On-topic: I actually might participate this time around. How long have the other ones usually gone on for?

Count me in as a possibly. I’m pretty sure though.


I’ll probably get in on this.

I signed up for the last one but missed it because I thought PST was ahead of my time when it’s actually behind. I’m most definitely in this time.

I’ll get in

Another nicely done tournament. Congrats to the placers and Good shit for those that showed up. :tup:

Oh, BTW…I saved ALL of my matches, and I still have the ones from March 21st tourney :sweat: I’d like to share (even tho todays was basically watch me get raped) I still had a blast. Imma be honest, the WORST move I did was switch to Luigi in my first match, but at that time. I couldn’t find a way around that blasted Pikachu with Bowser. :lol: While it got me a win, it didn’t save me in the end.

Overall I feel I could have done better than I did. So much missed punishments and what not…tsk tsk, Live n learn. Need to revist the drawing board with Bowser and revise that Luigi game. Shit just didn’t werk out.:rofl:

On the rule set. After playing with and without items, my vote is going with them on. Simply cause a match with items is flashy, eye catching, and adds another layer of strategy to an already strategic situation. No items are very tedious and while the strategy and skill is almost at its peak. Rarely is anything going to make you “OMFG THATS THE SHIT!” Unless its a hard to land attack in a tense situation. IMHO.

GGs to everyone I played today, and thanks nasir for hosting yet another tourney.

I still question if online tournaments can really be used effectively to determine a ruleset. I think it can provide some general insight into it, but lag will always be an uncontrollable factor.

Damn, I lucked out with these Forfiets :slight_smile:

Good shit. This was my first online tournament and I had a great time, doing a lot better than I expected too. Ceirnian’s Metaknight beasted me badly but it was still great. Mario Bros. is a really broken level though, especially in a no-items tourney since the crabs and turtles can be thrown and for some reason, they go through shields and have crazy knockback.

I tried to runaway, but i failed SO hard. Oh well.

oooopsie, I overslept so I missed it, oh well, hahaha.

With lower case "m"s, nasir. :looney:

GGs to everyone that beat the heck out of me and let me get at least one pity win. :rofl:

I still have a lot to learn about the mechanics of this game.

GGs everyone. Once again I prove that I am mid tier, lol.

Anyway, I think playing ROB vs ROB with Tam is the most fun I’ve had in this game so far.