Final Results, Brackets and Match Score- Online Brawl Tourny, Friday, March 21, 2008


Congrats to Whats The Point for winning.

Final results: (28 Participants)

1 Whats The Point
2 Somnus91
3 Bakuryusan
4 Felix45
5 Quiche
5 orochi zoolander
7 wallace
7 Worthless
9 Keits
9 Purrin
9 atreusna
9 CyntalanMaelstrom
13 Chozo
13 Rekano
13 Xiggurat
13 ViciousSlash
17 Spydaman007 (Forfeited)
17 SonicSpear64
17 WraithGadra
17 Tam (Forfeited)
17 Monte
17 Lavi
17 Shadrin
17 HuStLeMaN17
25 -=KOH=-
25 MasterChibi
25 Nickel
25 JrAsparag

Final Bracket

Matchup scores

Thoughts are posted HERE


Ok. The next 2nd unofficial, unsanctioned SRK Online Brawl Tourny will be as stated in the thread title,(Link to first tourny)

Friday, March 21, 2008.
6:30pm (PST) Signups start. 7:00pm (PST) Tournament begins!

(Please be in IRC no later than 6:30pm. Hopefully work and traffic will permit to start on time, if not it may be slight delays).

Ok, so the last tournament went pretty overall. The people seemed to enjoy it and have fun, and hopefully we all learned a little something about the nature of the game from it. Hopefully, we can build on the success of the last one and make this one just as good or better.

First things first. I am keeping the tournament rules the same as the previous one. The reason for this is a single tournament, with a relatively small turnout is NOT a good indicator of what may be problematic etc, and people’s knowledge and skill at the game should have hopefully progressed. As such, the same tournament rules needs to be applied to attempt to reduce variance of the results to be able to have more confidence in the results and any statements made.

1.) Rules will remain the same.

This means:

  • 1 vs 1
  • Double Elimination tournament.
  • 3 minutes, 2 stock matches
  • Best 3 out of 5 per match, Winners Finals, Losers Finals, Grand Finals, 4 out of 7
  • All stages on.
  • All items on, Medium spawn
  • First stage is determined at random ( I will assign you one)
  • Loser may either A.) Keep character and pick stage. or B.) Change character and another random stage is used
  • Sudden death IS IN EFFECT.
  • In case of being unable to connect, we will attempt to determine who is the cause. If this is impossible, Rock/Papper/Scissors will be used to determine the winner.

2.) Requirements are slightly different this time.


-At least 1 empty slot on your brawl friend list (for your opponent each round)
*-DEDICATED and STABLE connection to IRC (match setups/results will be done via IRC) - Connect to channel #srkbrawl on EFNET *( (New requirement)
-IF YOU ARE NOT ON IRC (I will tell everyone to enter another channel come tourney time), YOU WILL BE DROPPED FROM THE TOURNEY!
*- ALL STAGES UNLOCKED (New requirement)

  • EXTRA OPTIONS UNLOCKED (New requirement)*

The reasons for the the 1 empty slow should be obvious. The reasons for IRC should be clear, but the new requirements for a stable and dedicated IRC connection have been put in because last tournament one player was using the wii browser to log on IRC. This dramatically slowed down the game as his opponent couldnt communicate when necessary regarding stage changes or room setup or anything else. Also, another person had a horribly unstable IRC connection, and althoguht he was able to communicate somewhat through SRK, it still dragged everything down quite a bit. So this time I am requiring everyone to be able to log on IRC in a reasonable fashion. If you dont know how to, hit the link about and learn.
The reason for extra options is, we need them to set timer on the stock matches. With limit of 3 minutes, 2 stock, we can save replays for later examination.

To unlock it, it only requires 200 KO’s in standard brawls. This can be done in 5 minutes with a level 1 computer, in a 99 stock game on a small stage, with Hammers only spawning on HIGH. There is NO EXCUSE not to have the extra options unlocked at this point, or in time for tomorrow.
Likewise, all stages should be unlocked. These stages can be unlocked pretty fast, most requiring a certain number of characters uses, or such and is not very difficult. At this point, I feel there is no excuse to not have almost all stages open.
Information on how to open stages can be found in this link.

Unlockable Stuff

I will attempt to loosely seed people based on the previous tournament and the 8 man round robin.

As taken from the previous tourny:

This will be an online tournament. The time limit is 3 minute, thus replays can be saved.

As Mr.Wizard stated, (…&postcount=601) we are seeing how Brawl works.

This is to see whats horribly broken and explore the game, this is why all items are on and settings are on default.



As such, I do not want complaints about unfair match ups, items are bs, etc. If you do not like these rules, DO NOT ENTER. If you are going to bitch and complain, DO NOT ENTER. If you are willing to make a case for why certain things should be banned, certain rulesets, etc… then enter and BACK UP YOUR STATEMENTS. If you think a stage is unfair, pick a character that can abuse stages, stall forever, get every single item, run away the whole match, whatever.

**If you don’t want EVO to have crappy rules, USE THIS TIME NOW TO SHOW WHAT CRAPPY RULES WILL LEAD TO.

Registered: 33

Parkreiner - [Park]
Orochi Zoolander - [O.ZOO]
Monte - [Monte]
Bakuryusan - [BAKU]
TempestFox - [TEMP]
HuStLeMaN17 - [Jess]
Septimus Prime - [Sep]
Shinto - [Shnto]
CyntalanMaelstrom - [cynt]
-=KOH=- -[KOH]
Quiche - [QUICH]
Somnus98 - [SOMNS]
Whats The Point - [WTP]
Rekano - [RIOT]
atreusna - [ANA]
Ceirnian - [CEIRN]
ViciousSlash - [VSLSH]
Tam - [TAM]
Bowling Pin - [PBIN]
WraithGadra - [Gadra]
Shadrin - [SHAD]
jr64 - [Ryan]
sonicspear64 - [Sp64]
Dios<-X-> - [DiosX]
Ninja Wallace - [Ninja]
Lavi - [Lavi]
Keits - [KEITS]
Nickle - [NICKL]
Suicidal Grampa - ??
Recipherus - [BETTY]
SpydaMang007 - [Spyda]
CgHuReInS - ??

Start registering and leave your gamer tag also.

Running these alone is kind of a pain. I think I’d like some volunteers/etc who wouldn’t mind assisting this time. Contact me if interested.

You suck, can’t make this one either : (

Com’n, don’t you people go OUT on friday nights? har har

Good job making the tourney before springbreak weekend:rock: I’m in.

I’ll show up if there’s any extra spots but for now I’ll stay on the sidelines since I suck with the, break yo shit and rape yo rules, characters.

sign me up ill make it this time
Tag is: BAKU

If I can play and help somehow, I’d like to do that.

sign me up and dont worry nas ill use my laptop this time for irc instead of my wii lol

nick: jess

Hmm. I’ll try to make it, but it’s Friday night, so I don’t know if I can.

I’m there.


Count me in again - Cynt

I have a wife and a kid. No I don’t. :sweat:

I’ll play, this one will be easier for me to make, due to holiday weekend.

Nasir, if you need the help I’m willing to drop and help.

I’m in.


Sign me up, I’m ready for this! SOMNS

I’ll sign up again. WTP

count me in, question. what would that starting time be in EST?

tag: RIOT

I’ll sign up.

Tag: ANA

Sign me up, but I can’t guarantee :frowning:

EDIT - Nevermind, I can barely play with the items. It just makes me depressed.

I’d do this if I didn’t have work. Is there any way we can postpone this till Saturday?