Final Results from PZ's Southwest Regional Rebirth

3rd Strike - 30 people

1st Hsien
2nd Fubarduck
3rd AsianHitler
4th Mopreme
5th Jive Turkey Jones
5th Jaime
7th Lee
7th Alex Ennis
9th Marneto
9th Khang
9th Evil Dictator
9th Marvelous1
13th Avril
13th John Salinas
13th Yoooooooon
13th Ron-O
17th Demon Jim
17th Chris Dat
17th John Lo
17th Turtle Power
17th ddr_gakusei
17th Anthony
17th Sugarland
17th Vanessie
25th Alondo
25th Jeff Sheng
25th EddieRang
25th Big Beef
25th Armando

Marvel vs Capcom 2 - 23 people

1st Magneto-X
2nd AsianHitler
3rd Vegita-X
4th Marvelous1
5th Ron-O
5th Carnevil
7th Ranma0005
7th KOD
9th Rudy
9th Luiz
9th Andjita
9th Ivan
13th Ham
13th The American Dream
13th Monkeyspank
13th Brydon
17th Dakota
17th Julio
17th Pungza
17th Tin
17th Jerome
17th Big Beef
17th Cole

Tekken DR - 21 people

1st Crow
2nd Vick
3rd LCM
4th Slim
5th AsianHitler
5th Surf & Destroy
7th Thino
7th OneThreeFour
9th Jive Turkey Jones
9th Aaron
9th King Mishima
9th Pungza
13th Phreaky
13th EddieRang
13th Demon Jim
13th Victor
17th Johnnyboy
17th Slayer
17th Dizzy
17th Nori
17th Maniak

Guilty Gear #Slash - 16 people

1st R0B0T
2nd Jan Del Rio
3rd Kensou
4th Marneto
5th AsianHitler
5th Poon
7th Fubarduck
7th Stone
9th Tirian
9th Ron-O
9th Alex Ennis
9th Racer-X
13th Pozerwolf
13th Maniak
13th The American Dream
13th Jeff Sheng

Capcom vs SNK 2 - 15 people

1st AsianHitler
2nd Rudy
3rd Ashley
4th Jan Del Rio
5th Ron-O
5th Logan Sharp
7th Fubarduck
7th Sugarland
9th Big Gus
9th Khang
9th Jive Turkey Jones
9th Demon Jim
13th Fernando
13th Cole
13th ddr_gakusei

Soul Calibur 3 - 15 people

1st Devil Jim
2nd Bello
3rd Doug
4th Auggie
5th AsianHitler
5th Nori
7th con
7th Chickenwing
9th Soup
9th Red
9th Tank
9th CGF
13th Frost
13th Abraham
13th Mark

props to all. <3

Congratulations to Magneto_X! :bgrin: You’ve been long overdue for this! Also, props to David and Vegita-X.

Fun times, i just wish i coulda done better with collosus lol.

Good job Mag-X.

How did I KNOW Hitler was gonna come out of no-where and place? :rofl: Good shit.

Good job to all the placers. See ya’ll next time if I actually go. :wgrin:

I only got the $10 Smoothie King certificate =(

Hsien, you left the other envelope on the counter. PM your address and i’ll overnight it to you.

I would like to thank all the participants and congratulate all the winners. A special thank you to all the out of towners who came to Houston from other cities/states.
Also a very special thanks to the awesome team of people who worked hard to make sure this event was a success. It takes a lot of work in front and behind the scenes to make an event like this fun, enjoyable and one to remember.
Tournament Director: Ranma0005
CVS2 Supervisor: Ashley
3S Supervisor: Sugarland
Slash Supervisor: Kensou
SC3/DR/MVC2 Supervisor: Ranma0005
MVC2 Assistant Supervisor: Mag-X
PZ Manager: Deneice
PZ Girls: Anna & MC

Finally a special thanks to all the sponsors.

The pictures are now up on . Go to gallery!

nice seen alot of the homies
vinnz khang lay ranma jake jan garry coleman ect…
good shit ot jake crezzzy and everyone else who won!
bad shit to marteen Fan for using his ming control jitsu to make his friend win the 3s money match for him =(

Lots of crazyness, started a little bit later than I woulda liked, but things ran pretty smoothly.

Good to see Pat, Duane, Stone, Brydon, Irvin and the rest of the Louisiana crew show up in full force.

Thanks to Austin coming out and showing strong in 3rd Strike.

The Harlingen guys repping in MvC2.

DevilJim and the San Antonio crew reppin 1/3 of the Soul Calibur 3 tournament.

Jake muthaf’n Green finally breaking through in GG Slash!

Magneto fuckin X finally winning the big one!

AsianHitler cheatin his way to top 5 in everything(1st CvS2, 2nd MvC2, 3rd 3S, 5th Slash, 5th SC3, 5th T5DR)

Thanks to Sugarland, Kensou, Ashley, and Magneto-X for helping me run things, thanks to Emotiongear and Deneice for letting us hold the event there, thanks to Anna and MC for helping annouce our SC3 and “Teaken” matches, and special thanks to our sponsors for helping supply the extra prizes! See ya’ll at the next Regionals!!!

Yeah good games guys. I had fun. Hopefully next time we’ll get there just a little late instead of like 1 hour late though lol. Also everyone remember…the IM combo Duane did where he knocked him down into the RP assist and landed and did the infinite mid screen was MY IDEA. Do not give him any props for that because he’s just a copycat.

It’s kinda amazing that Chris is just now winning a regional but as I told him, it’s time for him to go on a Justin Wong like win streak. He has to to make up for all the times he choked in the past.

Man I choked I should have won some matches but let them slip through my fingers it’s ok tho still rep TeamZ. My boy Jive turkey Jones comeing out of nowwhere to place in top 5 hells yea. Well long trip but most def worth it me and jive were talking were trying to set something up to go to the ranbats on a monthly baseis.

Well good seeing everyone always a pleasure Beef out all !

Pretty sweet tourney. It’s too bad I didn’t join anything because of money bullshit though.

I recorded random vids throughout so I’ll try to get them online soon. But by random, I mean really random. A little bit of every game and of various people. Caught the GG, tekken, and 3s finals though but there was too much of a crowd to record the mvc2 finals which ended up being the most badass ones. That and AsianHitler’s head covering up half of the projector was ultra lame.

Thumbs up to MagX for giving LA the win
Thumbs down for Stone losing GG

My big disappointment for the weekend was seeing Alonzo get 2 and out in 3s. I guess getting casuals streaks with Hugo will have to do though…

Good stuff! looking forward to the next visit…

I have a big head. Shut up! =\

I had mvc2 but I’m a scrub now. Creecy, watch your back when you sleep! Funniest moment of the day.
MC- "Good luck to Creecy, cause he’s gonna need it!"
Creecy shaking his head. -_- lmao

If only I got 4th place in a game. I would’ve placed from 1st - 5th!

Don’t challenge me in 6 cards.

Props to everyone that came down.

That guy was scary. If he just changed a couple of things about his Hugo he’d be really beastly. Props for him, playing Hugo, tournaments with variety are fun and more challenging :lovin:


Good seeing DevilJim taking 1st in SC. Congrats and props to all.

Man, fuckin’ sucks how I hit 13th like that =/
Whatever, I’ll be ready for next regionals (I hope).

Mad props to Kevin and Jake for helping me out.
Seriously, thanks for the housing and rides! Saved me from sleeping in the ally, haha :wink:

Man, I played like ultra ho-bag shit during GG Slash. Fuck.

ggs to everyone, and ggpo to my wallet after visiting PZ. :frowning:

what about me and kevins brother for showing u how to slapbox/shittalk?
:annoy: :sweat: :lol: