Final Results from Tx Showdown 4


Day 1
Team MvC2

Team CvS2


Team 3S

Day 2

CvS2(59 entries)
1st Justin Wong(NY)
2nd Eddie Lee(NY)
3rd Peter “Combofiend” Rosas(CA)
4th Jason Cole(CA)
5th Brian Tyson(TX)
5th Chris “Crow” Villarreal(TX)
7th David “AsianHitler” Hem(TX)
7th Hsien Chang(TX)
9th Ronald Hernandez(TX)
9th Rudy Mena(TX)
9th Ashley Hernandez(TX)
9th Alex Walbert(FL)
13th Omar Walrond(TX)
13th Martin “Marneto” Phan(TX)
13th Robin “Nibor” Tucker(NY)
13th Ryan “Fubarduck” Harvey(TX)

3rd Strike(58 entries)
1st Justin Wong(NY)
2nd Peter “Combofiend” Rosas(CA)
3rd Hsien Chang(TX)
4th Ed Ma(CA)
5th Mark “Mopreme” Rogoyski(TX)
5th Eddie Lee(NY)
7th Ryan “Fubarduck” Harvey(TX)
7th David “AsianHitler” Hem(TX)
9th Khang Le(TX)
9th Raul Mondragon(TX)
9th Harvey “lled78” Chang(TX)
9th Cameron Buckner(NE)
13th Tony Huynh(TX)
13th Jimmy “Turtler” Schwenke(TX)
13th Robin “Nibor” Tucker(NY)
13th Chris “Crow” Villarreal(TX)

Super Turbo(34 entries)
1st Jason Cole(CA)
2nd Justin Wong(NY)
3rd Jesse “JumpsuitJesse” Cardenas(TX)
4th Brian Tyson(TX)
5th Eddie Lee(NY)
5th Chris “Crow” Villarreal(TX)
7th Chris “Cmutt” Wong(TX)
7th James Washington(TX)
9th Eddie Williams(TX)
9th Nicholai “NKI” Inabnit(MO)
9th Hsien Chang(TX)
9th Phil Salazar(TX)
13th Matt Shaffner(TX)
13th Ed Ma(CA)
13th Peter “Combofiend” Rosas(CA)
13th Javier Moreno(TX)

Alpha 3(17 entries)
1st Eddie Lee(NY)
2nd Justin Wong(NY)
3rd Robin Tucker(NY)
4th Jason Cole(CA)
5th Alex Navarro(FL)
5th Hsien Chang(TX)
7th Peter Rosas(CA)
7th Brian Tyson(TX)
9th Khang Le(TX)
9th Alex Walbert(FL)
9th Chang Wah(TX)
9th Ed Ma(CA)

Alpha 2(16 entries)
1st Eddie Lee(NY)
2nd Justin Wong(NY)
3rd Chris Villarreal(TX)
4th Jason Cole(CA)
5th Javier Moreno(TX)
5th Ed Ma(CA)
7th Brian Tyson(TX)
7th Mike Ochoa(TX)
9th Alex Navarro(FL)
9th Chris Wong(TX)
9th Joe Congdon(TX)
9th Matt Shaffner(TX)

Puzzle Fighter(20 entries)
1st Harvey Chang(TX)
2nd Chris “Ranma0005” Chou(TX)
3rd Matt Shaffner(TX)
4th Tony Huynh(TX)
5th Ed Ma(CA)
5th Justin Wong(NY)
7th Freddy Cano(TX)
7th Toya David(TX)
9th Tara McKinney(TX)
9th JW McNay(TX)
9th Demetrio Hantzopulos(TX)
9th Lay Chang(TX)

Day 3

MvC2(64 entries)
1st Justin “JustinW” - Sent/Storm/Cap, MSP (NY)
2nd Peter “Combofiend” - Mag/IM/Sent, MSP (CA)
3rd Peter “Potter” Avila - Storm/Sent/Cap (CA)
4th Eddie Lee - Cable/Storm/Cyc, Spiral/Cable/Doom (NY)
5th Daniel “Ruin” Realyvasquez - Storm/Sent/Cap (NV)
5th Patrick “Vegita-X” Henry - Rogue/Storm/Tron (LA)
7th Joe “Snareboy” Reyna - Storm/Sent/Cap, Spiral/Cable/Sent (TX)
7th Rahsaan “ORG” Dusuau - Storm/Sent/Cyc (LA)
9th Venie “Vinnyman” Guien - Scrub, Row (TX)
9th Daniel “Power-dn” Nguyen - Cable/Storm/Cyc, MSP (TX)
9th Brad “Carnevil” Carney - Scrub, Storm/Sent/Cap (TX)
9th John “JummPeee” Pertgen - Rogue/Cable/Cap, Cable/Cyc/Cap (TX)
13th Toan “total toanage” Nguyen - MSP, Scrub (TX)
13th Duane “Marvelous One” McCorkle - Mag/IM/Sent (LA)
13th Issac “raekwon” Nicholson - Storm/Sent/Cap (AL)
13th Martin “Marneto” Phan - Sent/Cable/Mag (TX)

GGXX(49 entries)
1st Kevin “Shin Kensou” Turner - Chipp (TX)
2nd Daniel “Ruin” Realyvasquez - Eddie (NV)
3rd David “Deuce” Tu - Faust (CA)
4th Peter “XenoTiger” Suh - Axl,Faust,Johnny (NV)
5th John “Genius” Bunn - Dizzy (TX)
5th Ryan “Fubarduck” Harvey - Zappa (TX)
7th David “AsianHitler” Hem - Johnny (TX)
7th Peter “Combofiend” Rosas - Bridget (CA)
9th Jan-Michael Del Rio - Ky, Venom (TX)
9th Jamarr “JaMarvelous” Lewis - Potemkin (NE)
9th Martin “Marneto” Phan - Bridget (TX)
9th Justus - Venom (CA)
13th Darrell “ONIONBOY” Wiley - Axl,Baiken (TX)
13th Venie “Vinnyman” Guien - Sol (TX)
13th Jake “R0B0T” Green - Sol (TX)
13th Mark “Mopreme” Rogoyski - Axl (TX)

KoF2k3(13 entries)
1st Justin Wong
2nd David Hem
3rd Freddy Cano

I know I got alot of this crap wrong, my apologies, way too tired. I think it’ll take most of us a week of sleep just to recover from this tourney. Big props to my boy Kensou for bringing it home in GGXX. Javi, Turtler, John Sanchez, Cmutt, Daniel, Vinny, Freddy, Gabe, K-step, and the rest of you f00’s thanks big time for helping out with the largest tournament in Texas. Thanks to all the out of towners for coming down here, hope ya’ll had fun, and safe trips back home. Next year we’re gonna try to make it bigger and better, so I hope to see everybody back next year.


Great tourny, had a good time… Congrats to all the winners and of course that foo Kev! good shit

Nice to meet some outta towners, Chief and the other dood with the funny shirt lol (sorry forgot name =/) Sorry for my crappy performance on Halo Fri. night at Stiggz house, I was half asleep :bluu:

Good job, Ramna, Javi, and everyone else that made TS4 happen, ya’ll worked ur asses off and it showed. Thanks to Cmutt for having a bad ass place to have it, #1 arcade! So props to ya’ll, latez


i was bored and did the math…

justin jacked you fools for roughly $1500.

damn… for playing video games for three days… nice.


damn thats like more ppl then NCR :frowning:


~Born to Play~

Roughly 1,500.00 not bad…


I lost to Eddie Lee in 3s losers so I think I tied for 5th and he got 4th.


congrats to the winners…i guess there’s no need for the plural…basically J.Wong won everything


yea justin won basicly everything. he’s so hot i want to buy him some mcdonalds…upsized!!!11


no winners…cause harvey chang and chris chou 1st and 2nd in puzzle fighters :). The only tourney justin join that he did not get first or second :).

** edit **
Random Justin wong info.
number of tourney justin wong join: 8
number of tourney justin wong got 1st: 4 (3rd strike, cvs2, mvc2, and kof2003).
number of tourney justin wong got 2nd: 3 (alpha 2, alpha 3, super turbo).
number of tourney justin wong did not get 1st or 2nd: 1 (puzzle fighter).
number of tourney justin wong lost to a fellow new yorker: 2 (alpha 2 and alpha 3).

Random mvc2 info.
in the top 8.
texas has 1 player
nevada 1 player (orginally i thought he was from arizona).
new york 2
cali 2
lousiana 2.
** Texas has 0 players in the top 6. one in the top 8.

appearance in top 16
storm: 14
sent: 14
commando: 11
cable: 10
magneto: 8
psylocke: 4
cyclops: 4
ironman: 2
rogue: 2
tron: 1
doom: 1
spiral: 1

blackheart did not make it or ice man.

all 8 top 8 players play storm.
7 of the top 8 players play sentinel.
2 of the top 8 players had magneto but they made top 2 in contrast to only 2 people playing the gun and none of them made top 3.
of the top 16, 4 people did not play with the queen of whoring but none of them made top 8.

more random fat later on.


i didin’t know justin wong played puzzle fighter:eek: :eek: lol, i wish i went. I would own in puzzlefighter :evil: :evil: :evil: :smiley:


Hey, if you extend that to top 10, TX has 5 players


Who might that be? :confused:


He’s probably thinking of ruin- (NV). Same barren wasteland, different state :lol:


lol oops. i always thought ruin was arizona and place him under the arizona player category.


Carnevil…i’ve noticed your avatar was PHOTOSHOPED!!! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


I just clipped out a 160x60 or whatever portion of the picture, added a border and my name.


damn, if only ruin lives in az =]



hahah its funny too gay ass wong thought i lived in az im like what the fuck! :stuck_out_tongue:

haha so what if i lived in az matt huhuhuh? besides us being best friends ;D

I been reppin vegas scrubs hard ;D


Jesus Christ! Justin takes top 3 in almost everying he played??! My god, stop beasting.


APEX results for TS4 are up!