Final Results of the SSFIV AE Character Balance Survey

This is in reference to the survey taken in this thread, which ran from 8/10 to 8/19 and is now closed. Access to the raw data can be found here, for those that care to play around with it.
[]Summary of survey results (balancing changes counted and graphed per/character)
]Post-survey analysis shown in a variety of spreadsheets, charts and graphs
Of particular interest is the Character Balance - Scored Average chart below.
Click on the image above to open the interactive charge and hover over the bars to see each character’s score. This score is the result of a weighted average based on the number of votes that each character received for each change. A positive score indicates how many people requested that a character be buffed in comparison to the rest of the cast; a negative score, the opposite. The closer to zero that a character’s score sits, the more votes were cast for that character to receive no change. As you can see above, Hakan received the highest score (3.99) and Yun received the lowest (-10.50).

Please take a look at this chart and the others contained in the links above and let me know what you think.

and here’s the newest tier-list from the japanese community for reference.

Lol’d at how many characters at no change

The character balance chart is missing a bunch of characters?

You have to click through to the chart and hover over each bar. It’s not very intuitive … axises probably should have been switched. But you can see raw numbers on the other tabs of the spreadsheet as well.

Anyway … it’s an interesting survey.

True. Unfortunately this is the best Google Docs will allow. They won’t let me switch the axis and scroll down. Just hover over the bars to see the individual character names though.

It’s interesting to see how this chart aligns with the tier list.

I figured everyone would want Viper nerfed when two and a half vipers made top 8 at EVO.

Readers can basically disregard Viper, Makoto, Dan, Ken, Abel, Zangief, and Blanka on the list of Top 10 Major Nerfs; as the majority of votes directed at them went into No Change, even if you combined both Nerf votes together.

I’m doing my AP Stats homework now so I’m in a calculative mood I guess. :confused:

I think you’re right.

I added a tier list comparison to the spreadsheet. Here’s a direct link for your convenience.

I have one quick question: Why is Guile so high on the Japanese tier list? Is that a mistake?

Wait, what is this survey vs tier list comparing?

The survey results artificial tier list based on which characters people think need the most nerfing/buffing versus the most recent Japanese tier list.

The only thing that boggles my mind about this survey is that Gouken and Rose were in the top 2 for the “which character is you primary?” section. o_0

Not the fact Dan was the 6th most requested for “Major Nerf”?

Seriously this whole thing is (despite the effort put in by the OP) a farce. Dan requested major nerf, major buff for Oni and E.Ryu (who need changes but not really BUFFS so much as fixes to rebalance how their power is distributed between safety and damage output.) The amount of people that asked for nerfs to Makoto, Dictator, and Boxer make me wonder if I’m even watching the same game as other people.

Sorry man, nice try but too many people just wanted to upset the outcome for this to really matter. Other than the stuff we already expected to see (Nerf Yun/Yang/Fei/Viper) none of it really comes accross as informative of the feelings of the community :expressionless:

I think if you look at the numbers more closely you’ll see that they are a fairly accurate representation of the community.
[]The vast majority of people voted “NO CHANGE”. We’re talking 54% of all the votes, with the other 46% being split between the other four options.
]Yun and Fei Long are voted the characters most needing to be nerfed, by far.
[]Hakan, Gouken, Gen and Rose are consistently in the top list of characters needing to be buffed.
]The overall calculated rankings for each character are relatively similar to the non-Japanese tier lists that have been floating around.
All of this tells me that the polling results are relatively accurate to the sentiments on this forum. Sure, they’re not 100% accurate, but that’s not really expected in the first place. Just because 6% of the people who voted for Dan (26 out of 384) voted for some kind of nerf doesn’t make the entire thing a farce. This is well within the limits of expected “trollery”.

i think dudley needs a major nerf

This is ah, just a farciacal mess with 0 integrity, probably best to ignore it’s suggustions, no offence to the person who put in the work but ah google ‘academic studies’ and methodologies and try again bro.

sakura needs nerfs while balrog is the epitome of balance…right…

stupid spreadsheet

After hearing the negative feedback I was concerned there was some bad data involved, so I took a closer look.

3% voted for MAJOR NERF
3% voted for MINOR NERF
77% voted for NO CHANGE
16% voted for MINOR BUFF
2% voted for MAJOR BUFF

3% voted for MAJOR NERF
12% voted for MINOR NERF
72% voted for NO CHANGE
11% voted for MINOR BUFF
1% voted for MAJOR BUFF

Now can you please explain how any of these numbers support the idea that “sakura needs nerfs while balrog is the epitome of balance”? Is there something I’m missing or am I just being trolled?

Means this forum is so smat. Casual players regurgitating random stuff top players say.

i hope to god capcom doesnt see this and think they should listen to it at all.

this forum is retarded, most people here are retarded.