Final Round 10 DVD Trailer ready for pre-orders!

Goto this link below to view the FRX dvd trailer.:cool:


We hope you enjoy it shawty.:cool:

I can’t open the file in Windows Media Player…

And all I can see on the actual page is a black screen :sad:

There’s a problem with certain browsers and boxes not being able to see it - they are working out it ATM.

It’s working now

Good shit Larry

I thought it was really good! Nice work!

Looking forward to the whole DVD… :cool:

lol @ the mention of CajunStrike and SieClayton in the ‘famous names’ that were there…Triad is elite now son ! They in the same boat as Wong :rofl:

Still can’t see nothing except “FRX Trailer” in green with a black background.

I’m Hyped.

Really?:confused::confused: Try going to the site.

Since the link was never fixed for direct download, here it is:

And don’t forget to check out for other game-related info!

Any news?

We are trying to fit all of the footage on 2 dvd’s. It may have to be 3 dvds.:wonder:

I have a question. About half of the winner’s bracket of KOFXI (outside of the top 8) and some of the first rounds of NGBC were recorded. Will those also be on the DVD?

Some of that might be cut due to lack of space.



in 2 weeks:wonder: we should be finished and ready for pre-orders.:wonder: Almost finished finally damnit! Sorry for the wait. Me and dbd have been hard to work on the dvd lately.

almost finished people. Better last then never

Well, at least it’ll be out before FRXI! Should be good…

Yea I was over dbd crib today working on the dvd. It’s shaping up great. :wonder::wink: