Final Round 12 focus group discussion

Since Final Round has grown into a nation tournament I have to start thinking on how can I make FR bigger and better. I think we have out grown the hotel we have been in for the past 3 years. I’m looking to goto downtown ATL at the major convention center for the SE called Ga. World Congress center. With this upgrade in venue I will have to raise the door fee to $30 most likely.

I’m going to really get on the grind when I search for sponsership this year! I’m going to turn FR into a business. That means I have to start paying taxes when I get my business lic.:wow: I think that was the main problem with me not getting sponsership this year. FR being a legit business will attract some sponsers IMO. Why would a big company give money away to some random guy? But if it’s an up and coming business/con it maybe easier to throw money our way if we show them we are growing across the nation with people attending FR. Also being at the GWCC will make FR look official imo.

I had people from the tekken community and smash community ask me to raise the tournament fee’s to $20!:wow: Now my main concern is pricing people out of attending FR in the future.:confused::shake: I don’t want to do that. With that said I want people to play in as many games as they can afford at FR. That’s why I have $5-$10 tournaments now. $10 for the major games and $5 for the older games or not as popular games! If we did 20 I think we can work a way to get the top 5 cashed out! What do you guy’s think of that? The rooms i’m looking at I may have to raise the door entry fee to $30-$35.

I would like some feedback everyone that has attended fr before. Your opinion is golden to me.:china: I will have the venue secured in prolly a month maybe 2 at the longest, so I need this feedback before I continue with getting the GWCC as frxii venue.

FINAL ROUND has turn into a national major, but it will always be a southern tradition and all of you guy’s opinions are golden to me. That’s why I always put my suggestion threads in the atl south. FR is a great event because you guy’s support it every year. So let’s get the hype started 12 months before FRXI!:china:

I’d say you may have to put a limit on the games, but make it possible for any game to be as big as it can get- I’d suggest (same idea I gave you earlier) that anyone can propose any game, and if you get 32 pre-regs, it’s in.

Other idea, throw in a decathalon competiton. Top 10 games are majors, give a grand prize to who does the best in best 7 of 10.

this was my second final round and it was easily better than my first and im damn sure ill attend again. with that being said i like how i can still chill and play at the same time. its a great community of people that are all game for the same interest :lol: as far as raising the prices yeah id bite still it raises the stakes. yeah i support your move 100%

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Pre-regs are kind of a sketchy thing.

Anybody can get 32 people to sign up for anything online but once it comes to showing up and paying the $$$, people in our community are notoriously flaky, irresponsible, and short-sighted.
Not to insult any one, but that’s the truth.

$30 for an entry fee for the whole weekend is reasonable, I think most everyone is okay with the price considering the venue is bigger and the rooms and staff at the location are nicer than the old Holiday Inn (hopefully this new place won’t try to lock us out from playing games in our rooms).

Yeah, I figure if 32 pre-reg, 16 will play. Maybe throw a limit to the number of games your pre-reg will count towards the number?

Or you could always go with the top 10, only 5 votes, or something.

I don’t think anyone would have a problem with raising the entry fee to $30 for the whole weekend. The biggest problem I would see with moving it to downtown ATL is the cost of a hotel room would rise considerably. If you could manage a deal to get a reasonable hotel room I would think it would be a great move for FRXII. As far as Tekken/Smash go, I would leave that up to the respective communities.

This has been the second final round i have attended, and i can say is that i enjoyed going to Final Rounds very much, driving from NY to ATL is a cool road trip:wgrin:, as for what you are doing, go for it my dude, and extra 30 bucks wont hurt, a freakin convention center thats pretty official. I am sure you can get some sponsoring its all about the money, if its a ma and pa business or even a big business…from what i seen mad people go every year, its strong. me and my friends can’t wait for next year :D…my 2 cents:wgrin:

Maybe try and implement what EVO is doing and allow (advise) people to pay online ahead of time via paypal etc.

Just a thought.

Already looking forward to FRXII!!!

GWCC FTW!!! i can get there so much easier
n its roomy

Idea #2- revised version of Idea #1

Allow for people to e-prereg at a reduced rate, non-refundable. Say $20 or $25. Door reg would be $30. This idea is something some anime cons do, and it works for them, and really, the principle between a major tourney and anime con is similar.

Preregging gives you the right to vote on what games to want. Enough votes for a game gets it in. This way only people who are serious about attending FRXII can vote, they’re less likely to flake. Maybe limit the vote to 5 games or something…

Or, like Evo, you could announce some games ahead of time that will be majors if they are out, then ask for votes on the other games. This way we also avoid the Evo situation of screwing over a game community, without having mass chaos. You’ll get a good idea of who would sign for what, and that is all you need really.

If a big game like SF4 or KOFXII comes out before FRXII, put it in last minute. No one will complain.

edit: i enter everything. i do not mind a higher door price, ut going over 10 per game just prices me me out. im sure a lot of other people who want to compete but have slim shots at winning feel the same. its hard enough to get us all to one place to do this every year, so dont discourage potential entries with high game prices. cap it at 10 bucks please. offer a pot bonus or prize if you want more inscentive.

ill type more when im not on my phone.

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Tip #1- Move this thread to somewhere people will see it.

Tip #2- $30 at the door is fine.

Tip #3- I’m ALL in favor of raising tournament entry fee to $20. BUT… I know that a lot of people are cheap/broke, so they don’t want to do it. Personally, I’m sick of how cheap SF players are. It sucks. People need to man up, get a damn job and stop being bums. I wouldn’t mind dropping $50 for tournament entry. It’s a damn major! There’s only 2 legitimate majors left per year, people. Why are people bitching about $10 entry fees?

Tip #4- I’m sure you’ve already thought this through, but tie SFIV’s release in with your pitch for sponsorship.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Good luck.

Agreed on 1 and 2

  1. Disagree. Would discourage people too much

One counter-propostal

Have a big money decathlon tourney- $150 entry fee, $50 for the decathlon, $10 for the 10 majors. Your top 7 places count, best average place wins.

Big spenders can always do MM’s as well

  1. Agreed

I agree with havoc on raising the fee’s. Think about it. This isn’t some chump shit where the tourney is 90% scrubs and its a fanboy fest. 90% of the people that come to this, especially out of towners, are true players who play the game and want to win. What bigger incentive is there to win than a huge amount of money? everyone is gonna try to step there shit up for something like that.

The one problem I see about this is that there are players these days who play multiples. I can see how a player only plays one game can think its cheap for 10$ entry fee because he’s only playing one game. Thats nothing but what about the people who play 3-5 or more games. @ raised prices 20-30$, thats 150$+ depending on the amount of games you want to play.

What it will probably do is increase the skill level of each game. Sometimes you get players who don’t know jack shit about a game but just enter it for the hell of it. You won’t get this type of player anymore but rather your whole field will probably be nothing but exp players of different skill levels and virtually 0 scrubs. Even a scrub is smart enough not to drop 30$ on a game they can’t play to save their life vs players who train in it.

The increased in competition and money will attract the better players and thus increase the popularity of the event itself.

The multiples is what drive most of the attendance. Raise fees too much it will be 8 person tournies. That looks bad. You’d also end up with lower prize money overall. Economics. You want to maximize the money in the game, but each price raise lowers the willingness of people to pay. You’d also end up driving people to other games as well. Maybe a $20-$30 tourney would work for a game like Marvel, but that’s the only game I see it working for.

Most people know they aren’t going to win when they sign up and pay to play cause they LIKE to game. You’d be pricing all those people out.

I’ll say this, if it was $20-$30 a game, I wouldn’t even bother showing up, and I’m sure there are others like me. I’d just stick to locals.

As I said, for people who want to put more money down, MM that shit- don’t ruin it for the punters and hopers out there. I mean, if you want the most hype in history- I guarantee at some tournament, some day- Joe Scrub is going to pull a string of upsets and win the thing. That’s the megahype.

Most people know they’re not going to win the WSOP main event, and that’s $10,000 to enter.

People need to stop being so damn cheap.

It’s not about being cheap. I enter other games because I’m bored waiting for my game to start. Doubling the entry fee will encourage me to not waste my time and keep my money in my pocket.

Let’s put it this way 50 people paying $10 is the same prize as 25 people playing $20.

$20 would probably drop half the entrants.

WSOP prize is big enough that winning it= never having to work again, or even placing top 20 or so. Also, your odds of winning WSOP with little poker knowledge > your odds of winning MvC2 at FRXI or Evo with little game knowledge.

Great idea, Final Round even bigger?! GO GO GO !!!

this… is a terrible attitude. 20 may not be a lot to some people, but excluding those that think it is a lot is like economic discrimination.

sorry poor people, only middle class and up get to compete now. :frowning: