Final Round 13 focus group discussion


Ok people I just got the hotel booked for march 12-14, 2010 so you guys are the 1st to know. :wgrin: Now I was thinking about getting a lunch buffet for all 3 days for the players that are competing at FR13. This would be a extra service for the hotel so it cost more for the ballrooms+cater service. Do you guy’s think this is a good addition to have? I would prolly have to raise the door fee to $40 if I get the catering for 3 days. If that’s too much then i’ll scratch that idea and keep it at $30. I was just thinking on ways to keep people in the hotel to eat so they wouldn’t get DQ’ed for being gone too long eatting off site.

This tournament is started to be the SE major, so I value everyone’s opinion from the south because ya’ll had my back from day 1. The official announcement will come when the website is up and running. I just wanted to get a gauge if that would be cool to add on or just keep it the same. The FR12 dvd is almost complete also and will be sold through the FR website. If you didn’t know about the FR13 qualifier then here is a link to S.E.B. tournament in august.

I hope to see ya’ll in the near future. All feedback is wanted and there is no such thing as a stupid question. I’ll try to answer them all in a timely fashion.:sweat:

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In my opinion, I wouldn’t bother. You’re going to have people that will cry about how they’re just going to eat at the Tofu House and shouldn’t have to pay the extra $10. Then they’ll find some way to sneak into the buffet area and munch for free. $30 is already steep for a door fee. If they don’t use the sign out folder, it’s their own fault.

To avoid some of the confusion with two rooms though, perhaps a cheap walkie talkie set would be good to call over to see if people are over there?

Let us know if you can work any specials again and I’ll book a room a.s.a.p. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I can’t read. Yaye DVD!


Larry, you know I’ll be there. I’ll be flying out from cali for this one.

The lunch buffet is a good idea, but i don’t think it is needed. Some people might complain about the door fee being that much.

I feel SNK games need to stick around. Whatever is most popular should be played, because FR is the only major with SNK games. KOF2k2UM, KOF12, Garou,etc. Stuff that can draw a crowd.

My one request is this:
Can Alpha 3 PLEASE be on console this year? I feel we’d get better comp for a game with such technical inputs if people could use there own sticks. As far as ST and A2, your cabs are great for that.


Oh, I am offering my services as a staff member if you need me.


I can offer my security services…give me a walkie talkie and FR security shirt with a badass badge and im good to go…

at any rate im sure some people took some things from the area where you guys where selling things because at some-times it was one person,then two or three at the table looking suspicious…not to mention beckpack assist

(security sense was tingling)

also stress the fact that badges where not worn by certain people who “found them” and still came in the ballroom

odor control -its very offensive when someone smells horrid and they stay in a hotel room with a shower! while in a tournament match…

about the buffet,you could do like a 3-day buffet pass or something and have it set up in another ballroom…


i would love some catering. i spent way way to much money on food while i was there at Final Round XII. so i would love to see it happen. I will be there most def


one thing with that buffet that needs to be orginazied by all means. mag drought food once and they just stuck there hands in there and graded as much as they could and left trash every where. your gonna have to have a single file line and make it if they throw trash on the ground that they pay a fee. also that grab what you can eat and if they waste lots of food thats another fee and i bet ppl wont liter or waste food.


plenty of people made a killing off selling pizza slices 2$ a piece LMAO


I think that the buffet idea will cause too much confusion. It sounds great but with the amount of people that FR usually gets more than likely it will end up a disaster, unless of course you use that DEEP voice of yours to get fools in line properly like what Joel said. Im all for it, but most people just want to eat what they want to eat and it might not be what your buffet will offer…you goin’ to have to get militant (lol) on foo’s if your going to do this, and if anybody can get 300+ hungry people in order its you who can do that for sure. Im down with that idea.



man I remmeber that…Chicken =chaos and despair hayword’s girl’s dad put the chic-fil-a tray down with NO PLATES…:tdown: I wish someone could have recorded that shit because that could have been on youtube all-time favorites easy…Hands where everywhere even the damn tray itself was chipped

maybe its a pay at the door type service which I would gladly help you run (chef ftw) is it all you can smash (eat)? if so then thats more money…lol if not just go down the line and set a buffet time 4pm to 8pm? or whatever


Thanks for this input fella’s


I also wanted to add that you have to be careful about catering non-finger foods as well because if they drop the plates on the floor and make the room nasty you lose your deposit on the room. I’m not sure how the hotel works you rented but all my venues required a security deposit and I lost my deposit at Impact Clash 2 and Impact Clash 3 because all the trash left in the room afterwards. It may be a mess that’s not worth the hassle (especially if they require a damage/security deposit.)


$10 for three buffet meals? Yeah dawg.


If I make it to FR this next year, count me in as a volunteer to help with whatever you need, Larry. Least I can do after pretty much being a jerk about this year’s FR and I want to make up for it.


That’s very true sir. I clean up after fr every yeaR so I don’t have that problem. That is some good advice sir. Thanks i’ll keep that in mind.


im down to pay 40 bucks.;

cuz im baller


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Josh(Icege) pointed out the biggest flaws of the buffet but I think it’s a good idea. A large number of the people who go to FR are not firstcomers so they will probably plan this trip far enough in advance that $10 is not going to break them. Even still if they’re complaining about low funds $10 for three meals is a great deal so that should encourage them to come if anything.

Keep as many games running as you can without losing quality and speed of the main tournaments. Remember that SF4 is only getting bigger and your expected prereg list is going to grow.


That you are hommie!:tup:


<3 starkid

Just to clarify, I’m totally down for smashing. $10 for 3-days of lunch is a steal. I’m just trying to look at it objectively because… well… let’s be honest: there are some downright grimy people out there who don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves.

I’m already getting hyped. This coming FR I’m taking a 4-day weekend so that I can be there when it opens on Friday and not worry about leaving until the day after it’s all over.


get hyped baby!!!


I’d pay forty bucks for that, hell yes! Dude, Final Round is the best tournament in the world. I’d pay any amount of money to get in that shit at all, say nothing of getting a lunch buffet!