Final Round 19 Experience?

Just wanna gather casuals and competitive players point of view of there experience at FR19. If you got stories (good or bad) post them!

The stream stuttered a lot.

Was it all of the streams? I wonder if it was because of the internet that was there or was someone fucking with there equipment(stepping on the power cord , bumping the tables , etc).

Being there, it felt congested beyond all recognition. Trying to stand and waiting on your pools, people having very limited space to walk through in the main halls (Especially for SFV), it’s not something I would like to go through again. This isn’t my first time at FR (5th year) honestly but I feel that all the bumping and grinding against people is very bothersome. Pools weren’t posted till the day of for some games made it very taxing on finding out what times they started.

My only gripe is that the anime inspired games (Guilty Gear, UNIEL, Blazblue, DBFCI) is located so far in the back of the convention halls that it basically goes unnoticed…also, no Nitro+ Blasterz setup for casuals or side tourney was a huge disappointment for me. <_<

I wasn’t there, but from everything I’ve heard thus far from my friends who went it sounds like the same debacle from the first Final Round I went to. Too little room, poorly organized, etc. It is a complete repeat of FR from 2011 and you would have thought they could have predicted this by now.

I still remember back in 2011 my SF4 and KOF13 pool started at the same time because the SF4 pool was horribly late. I ended up getting DQed from KOF13 because I was playing SF4 even after I had told the pool organizer that I was having to play two different games.

I’m not going to lie if I go next year and this shit happens again I’m calling the fire marshall to come shut it down. Because when it is that packed it is a death trap. Go look up the video from the night club fire where people try to escape a fire in an overcrowded room only to realize they are all tangled on each other and no one can move. So many people were stuck in place and ended up burning alive because of it.

This is unacceptable and it’s about time the organizers for this thing learn that you can’t keep pulling this shit.

I actually liked the fact it was in the back. Quiet, off on its on, & not crowded in the least bit.

Enter in the GGXrd tourney & got to see High Roller 32 man tournament!

I was thinking that too, It felt kind of insulting how the “Anime” games were separated from everything else, and I think they need to find a bigger place to hold the tournament, cause it’s getting too crowded now, and hopefully its a place that the Marta trains can reach cause i hate riding the bus.