Final Round 2011 gets 39 ST entrants?


Ok, that’s kinda depressing. SSF4 and Marvel gets hundreds and hundreds of players and the ST scene can’t even get 40 people to show up and play? I didn’t show so, I guess I’m partly to blame (work drama kept me home). Something needs to be done about this pathetic showing for next year. I will say, I think it was an improvement over last year. :rolleyes:


HDR and ST tied at 39 entrants each, lol.


The more interesting part is how many people uniquely joined only one and then tally those for a real SF2 entrants number.


Yeah I know, I just couldn’t be bothered to do it.

Also, guess who won ST - Claw! And guess who won HDR - Gief! Double lol.


LOL, I justed realized that also. How predictable.


you think 39 for ST was bad?


Obviously, since he called it a pathetic showing. But you disagree - why?


Yes, FR had 1000 people there and only 39 people were willing to put down the ~$10 entry fee and have some fun playing ST. ST deserves better than that. Just Saying.


well we have to be realistic, ST is an old game, actually, a very old game and we’re in the middle of the second golden age of fighting games, therefore, new fighting games are popular with new generation of competitive players.

AAAAND, just for the record, IMHO ST is superior to every fighting game on earth.



first final round did not have 1000 people there playing games. or even there for that matter, second it was run on Friday a lot of people had not even showed up yet since all main games were played on Saturday. third when was the last time ST had 39 people at a major? Please don’t say evo everyone knows, that it’s evo so everyone is there, and that more then 50% of the entrants are entering for just something to do, not because they actively play the game.

true it’s somewhat upsetting that st cant at least get as many people as a loli game, but i hardly think that a 39 man ST tournament is something to start a thread over to gripe about.


Well, Marvel and SSF4 had what? 300+ players for each game? I would think ST could get at least 50 people, so yea I’m gonna gripe about it.


i am sure between st and hdr there was 50 different plays but thats what happens when u run both at the same time.