Final Round 5v5 Regional Team Thread!

Yea final round is just a week away and there isnt an official thread for it so here it is it would be much appreciated if everyone can post their 5 man team for the tournament and if you havent figured it out or havent even started talking about it START! so there wont be any drama come next week

The FL team is most likely gonna be

Me(C.Viper), Leland(Gief), Jo(Rufus), Richel(Sagat), Hunter(Abel)

Wait what?

Where’s D’nyc3?

Who do you even use now? You change characters every month.

Balrog is AWAYS with me.

I use different characters so I can challenge myself.

If you want to truly avoid drama, I suggest a small qualifier to seal the spots on the team. Personally, 3 of those spots should be seeded with Flash, Jo, Alex Jebailey. Reason being is they’re tournament winners this past year. Anyone outside those three are just picks of favoritism, and that breeds drama.

This doesn’t work. Having a qualifying tourney at the event never works for multiple reasons. it’s going to come down to favoritism regardless since there’s no time to allow everyone who thinks they have a shot to be in the tourney, so a line would have to be drawn which is favoritism anyway. It also leaves no time to establish team chemistry, and an added long drawn out tournament is likely to negatively affect the players in the long run. No one wants to risk being burned out for an exhibition. Alex has done well in central florida, but CFL as a whole is not on Miami’s level, no matter how much we instigate rivalry. Also, Alex already had his chance on the big screen when everyone knows he should not have been there. It was favoritism that got him in and it was Peter’s sacrifice that kept the team from exploding at EVO after Trent decided to be a bitch, so Jebailey gets a lesson in karma for not stepping down for players he knew was better than him IMO. If we really want to get into real talk, the team tournament is going to come down to how well Peter can hold as an anchor anyway. When you have one person that far above the rest of the team the filler players don’t really matter. Luck aside, anyone who beats Peter is likely to steamroll the rest of the team anyway. Last, it’s an exhibition for fun. If you don’t agree with the team choice, prove it was wrong in the SF4 tourney.

I just don’t want what happen at EVO happen at Final Round; however, I do agree Flash is better suited to make a team captain decision than Trent. I’m in favor of Peter picking the five, but I know other FL players will complain about not being chosen. Side-note, with the exception of Flash I think Miami and CFL are dead-even skill wise.

Yo just keep the team the way it is, its fine people had 6 or 7 months to do something about it but, did not… now if somone drops out then def dwayne is next choice…

I Agree with Black Jesus 100%. It is Karma, Let Flash decide everything for his sacrifice at EVO. If it were my choice I’d just say give Flash all 5 spots. I’m not gonna argue with it cause I know regardless of what City I play in, I’ve won more tournaments in my area and the 5 on 5 was supposed to be about me and Jibbo in a revenge match but he may not make it he said in another thread and so I’ll just see what happens.

I will say though A LOT has changed since EVO so this would be a chance to redeem myself, but I’ll just prove myself in Singles so let Flash Decide whatever even if he wants to pick someone named Hunter that no one has ever heard of. And you guys can argue over who we all personally think should be on the team regardless of who wins more tournaments or not.

3 saggots and two zangiefs

Jebailey, the regionals and the NC vs. FL events are separate.

lol just because you don’t know who hunter is doesn’t mean that hes not good instead of simply asking who hunter is you whine like a girl about him grow the hell up for the record Hunter is the 2nd spot on the team and personally hes the best player in FL besides me especially lately he pretty much mopped me today and nobody has ever done to me in FL so yea if someone is gonna lose their spot on the team that I named its gonna be Joe or Richel because I feel Leland and Hunter are the 2 best choices and for the record since you wanna be little bitches my decision for choosing them is based on their play styles I believe they are the better players when playing a team of people we don’t know it doesn’t matter that you beat leland 100 times you know leland just like joe knows everyone in FL…what you do against people that you know (play styles, habits, etc etc) means nothing when you play a complete stranger and this is why Hunter is on the team

I personally believe Joe is complete garbage he abuses the fact that he knows the people hes playing and guesses alot with it add that to rufus and you have an annoying ass player whos not even that good…but he wins…and yea when I think about you I think the same thing yea you’ve toned it down and your not on Joes level in that department but fact still remains that your not as solid as the other players (you got mopped up by JC in teams at winter fest and it leads me to believe its because you had no idea who he was so you couldn’t get a good read on him to work your “magic”) like i said its not as bad as joes but its still there and you play balrog everyone knows how to shut that character down these days

doesnt matter cause florida sucks anyways.

says the person who lives in a place where steve H wins sf4/gg tournaments lol

No worries buddy No worries. Everyone sucks in Florida we get it. I’d like to money match Hunter at Final Round.

all drama aside — I hope the FL team kills it. Good luck to whatever 5 players make the final cut.


And I thought the ga players had drama. This isn’t an exhibition. Each player must pay $5 to enter. This is for bragging rights of who is the best in our region at sf4 before ssf4 is released. Winner take all! Fuck 2nd and 3rd place in this event!

Oh Well if its a paid tournament, Then I think FL Should have 2 Teams, Central Florida and South Florida since we’re all so different.

Oh and I’m not trying to be a smart ass Who was JC, I really don’t remember.

I’m sorry if its a regional thing then why is it florida team instead of SE region team, or did peter post it wrong and, its a state thing.

Plus who in the hell made peter the Caption you guys should be able to join in, theres was no Florida regional team entry tournamentt for the top five spot’s. Thats a lot of shit fuck it im on that idiot Jabaily(SPELLING) side now…

says the guy who never wants to visit south town again

im hearin stories of ocv’s from xanadu…

that being said. you know where florida stands compared va/md.

richel is no rockman.