Final Round 7: Saturday Results

What I’ve gathered so far…
NYC was a no show.

3rd Strike

  1. Crow - Houston, TX (Ken SAIII)
  2. haunts - Atlanta, GA (Makoto SAI)
  3. shinblanka - Atlanta, GA (Oro SAII)
  4. sundu - Athens, GA (Alex SAII)

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

  1. Mixup

I’m digging for the rest… bare with me.

Results for MVC2…

  1. Mixup
  2. Sentinaaaal
  3. Marvelous1 (New Orleans)
  4. DBS
  5. some combination of Eder, Vegita-x, Adam (orlando?? spiral player)

damn mike thought u were gonna rep in 3s!

hummmm… no ny… oh well… knew they were scared of mike…

GOOD JOB CROW! :smiley:

sc2 results?

Good job Crow, Keep it up in CVS2

Good job all the FLA players :wink:

Eder and Adam are both from Orlando. :smiley:

Kyah posting -

Alpha 3 -

  1. Jae
  2. Larry
  3. Jeff Williams “Tigerstyle”
  4. Rashid Reddy “ShinkuuR”
  5. Me
  6. Colin Caldwell “halcyonryu”

I can’t remember the rest. We have the Marvel results and the Alpha 3 results drawn out at the gym. 3rd Strike hasn’t been written down off the bracket yet, but that’s about right. Soul Calibur 2 was run by a different guy, so we don’t have the results for it yet. No one really paid attention, but there were 47 people in it, and 45 in marvel.

  1. Mixup
  2. Jon Sindel
  3. Duane McCorckle
  4. Eric Johnson

We’ll have complete later

an alpha3 tournament? well now, don’t see those too often. (unfortunately)

isaac, how come I don’t see your name on that mvc2 list? :bluu:

When is the GGXX tourney…?

Full marvel results?:smiley:
i wanna see where i placed…gettin sent to the losers by mixon is a bitch:(

oh and isaac graham is a beast:)

Gogogogogo Mixup!

Grats to the top 5…Sentinaaal, Nice job, Sentinel = #1

riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight… :rolleyes:

here they are in case someone wants them:

Full SC2 Results here

Top 5 - (46 entrants):
1st- RTD ATL X, Kilik, Asta,
1st-Mick TN Sophie, Cass, X, Berserker
3rd- Truth ATL Cervy, Ivy
4th King T Bama Ivy
5th iAb FL Ivy
5th Wyzt Chi NM

Good shit Mixup and Crow.

What happened to NYC?

Go Crow Go!

Good job Duane and Pat. Rep the SW! :cool:

mad props to mike for winning and all the rest who placed in other games.

I wanna give early props to Kensou for Chippin that shit down in GGXX, and Crow for top tier whorin that shit down in ST. H-town reppin!

Do you even have to ask? Mick and RTD fucking RUN SHIT.

Fun tourney. Wish i couldve stayed for ggxx but oh well. Congrats kensou and crow on holdin that shit down. I’ll have my revenge on sentinalll one day :evil: .