Final Round 9 - MvC2 and CvS2 results

marvel vs capcom 2 (65 players)
1st - justin wong
2nd - isaac graham
3rd - chris creecy (magnetox)
4th - derek learnslow
5th - alex garvin
5th - kevin (from orlando)
7th - 50 more centz
7th - eder
9th - taz
9th - derrick (skitz)
9th - patrick henry (vegitax)
9th - phil burnell (dsp)
13th - gunslinger
13th - vercette
13th - sorryashell
13th - ed strunk (mr ed)

capcom vs snk 2 (34 players)
1st - justin wong
2nd - jeron grayson
3rd - carlos (from florida)
4th - sol black guy
5th - colin cadwell
5th - tomas
7th - dataika
7th - jan del rio
9th - flash metroid
9th - pat van pelt
9th - popoblo
9th - max moore
13th - vdo
13th - fraley
13th - epsilon
13th - shin lo


  • if anyone wants the rest of the results, just let me kno, i’ll try to decypher the brackets if need be
  • good meeting people and seeing everyone again, lots o memories fo sho!
  • everything went pretty smooth and fun
  • lovin that southern comfort… oh and that southern hospitality too :wink:
  • the weekend was the craziness, i lost most of my voice by sunday ^^;
  • big thanks to vdo and paul for running cvs2 brackets
  • i realized how out of shape my voice is, right after disqualifying someone
  • random pictures

van/rick - mah boyz! hehe great seein u guys again, maybe next time i’ll last more than a 12 hr bender
larry and the rest of ems - it was definitely fun. thanks for the crown roy-aaaaal! i would’ve cracked dat shyt open sunday with u guys if i weren’t told… er implied to be dry :wink: lol j/k i’m glad everything went well for u guys and hope to see “y’all” next year!
kyah - good to finally meet u! next time, we should delegate responsibility and chill more haha
leigh/franco - u guys are hilarious. thanks for the good times and try not to kill anyone :wink:
justin - mah nigga! lol we got some good footage, but we’ll get more next week. thnx for mah bangin pimpcup!!
jeron - always a pleasure, trooper! i’ll see u at ecc and/or my random trips to cf. imma have to be there next time u drink
rekkaken/jae/colin/taz/dsp - good seein/meetin u guys, sux i didn’t get to play much more st, but i was still burned out from saturday hahaha ^^;
fugee - thnx fo comin out and helpin. we definitely need a rematch in mk!! great chillin, bro! i’ll def see ya more this year. someone gotta get footage of ur standup, cuz i wanna see! hehe
lao shu/tim - good seein u guys, im definintely gonna have to get in some umk/mkt next time we meet =)
jared - ur mad chill! thanks for fixin/cleanin up my boy’s car. i’ll definitely talk to u more about dec, just hit me up on aim: jetphi and/or
isaac - <3 nuff said :lovin:
crow - great goin on holdin it down in tekken and 3s. i’m glad that stuff doesn’t get to your head! good chillin, say hey to alex for me!
ryan - sux didn’t get a chance to talk/chill (justin was tellin me about ur ds lite :wink: ). i was watching winners final and u did pretty well, until justin went extremely patient, =\ but good try!
exodus/eric lee/pat - always good seein u guys around. hold dat shyt for maryland!!
koop - awesome chillin bro. i’ll definitely hit u up in june/july when my schedule is less hectic
magx/vegx - good seein u guys again, keep up that marvel!
vdo - shyt’s always amusing when ur involved! even tho ur the rodney dangerfield of sf, u got my respect! haha

anyone else i didnt’ mention, my bad, i’m still recovering :wink:

No doubt, bro :slight_smile: Thanks for everything again - I updated the first post of the sticky w/ all this as well.

good shit ademola/tomas for getting top 5. good shit to rafeal for gettin 7th and representing glady’s ghetto tactics. hahahaha

Good games to everyone on cvs, that and ST are always lots of fun for me when I get good people around. I wish I could sit and play phil for like a week straight on ST, those casuals on that arcade cabinet really brought a tear to my eye remembering how it used to be…

Justin’s defense is too strong on CVS. I am going to have to step it up a notch I can see…I would like to at least see the dude’s last character ; ;

See you all again soon.

LoL Shin Lo…

good shit.

Anybody got some MVC2 vids? Maybe even some of my matches?

Oh shit colin got 5th!!! Good shit dog. I know you haven’t played that game hardcore in 2 years and to get 5th shows your skills. Maybe i’ll start playing cvs2 again to help you level up.

jwong strikes again…

anybody have my match against jwong in the winners in cvs2? i’d love to see how poorly i played my bison and blanka against his rolento and vega…


edit- unless it’s being used for the DVD. any news on that?

wow it’s good to hear that there will be a DVD can’t wait til it comes out and I would just like to thank Shinblanka and staff for the wonderful tourney this year.

Also Larry thanks for the ride from the station, it was raining like shit that night…phew. I’ll give more thank yous later, still tired from my out of country trip.