Final Round Arcade 9/5/09 results

Hope everyone enjoyed the tourney. Apparently MvC2 didnt have as much interest as we thought and Blazblue had even less. Good turnout for SF4 though. Good for Miami anyways. Here are the results.

Blazblue- cancelled due to lack of entrants. I believe only Peter signed up for it.

MvC2 (5 entrants Round Robin)

  1. Jose (MSS)
  2. Peter (MSS)

SF4 (16 entrants)

  1. Peter (Viper, Ryu)
  2. Joe (Balrog, Rufus)
  3. Crespo (Fuerte)
  4. Lexy (Sagat, Ryu)
  5. Andrew (Balrog, Blanka)
  6. Evelio (Chun)
  7. Alex (Chun, Blanka)
  8. Albert (Bison)