Final Round Arcade Grand Opening Tournament Miami, FL


Final Round Arcade will be holding a grand opening SF4 and SFA2 combo tournament on Saturday, July 25.

The rules are as follows:

SF4 will be a two man team/singles tournament. What this means is that the tournament will start as a two man team tournament, with the the top 4 teams advancing to the singles portion of the tourney. The payouts will be 70/20/10 of half the SF4 entrance fee for the team portion and 70/20/10 of half the SF4 entrance fee for the singles portion.
Each team will have to win one set against the other until winners and losers final which will be 2 out of 3 and grand final which will be 3 out of 5. Each team will designate an order of play and will maintain it throughout the tournament. The first two opponents from each team will play eachother and then the second two will play. If each team wins one match the team winners will play eachother for advancement.
The top 4 teams in the tournament will qualify for the second half of the event which will be a singles tournament. Standard tournament rules apply. 2 out of 3 until winners and losers final which will be 3 out of 5 and grand finals which will be 4 out of 7.

We will also be holding a Street Fighter Alpha 2 tournament during the event. Standard tournament rules apply. 2 out of 3 until winners and losers final which will be 3 out of 5 and grand finals which will be 4 out of 7.

Sign ups are at 3pm with both tourneys starting simultaneously at 4pm.

SF4 will obviously be the highlight game but we also want to throw some variety into each tournament. Each tournament held in the future will have games such as GGXX, Blazblue, SFA3, SFA2, SFA1, ST, HF, CVS2, CVS1, MvC2, MK2, UMK3, KI1, KI2 and more!

Entrance fees:
$5 per person door charge
$20 per team for SF4
$5 per person SFA2

Final Round Arcade is located in Mall of the America’s in Miami, FL. It is located next to the AMC movie theater in the former location of Fun O Rama.


There will be blood


Do I have to pay the door charge if I wanna just go and watch?


No you dont but stop being a homo and play Walbert.


A2 tourney… that sounds like hella fun. Add CVS1 while ur at it!!


navarro with the rage. :lmao:

yeah so i’m down. who wants to team up with me to guarantee their match against me in the finals will be easy peasy lemon squeezie?


Too funnny loooool


i’ll be there.


<-- will be there.


i’ll be there sfa2 mayb sf4


I’ll be there.

Andres, I’ll team up with you.


Hey Walbert try and get Rob and Tony to come out to the tournament. It would be nice to see some of the old school guys there.


I told Robert about it, he’s probably gonna go but just to spectate like me. I’ll ask him if Tony wants to go.


Thats cool. I still think you guys should play because your all solid SF players, even if you guys dont play as much as before. I dont have much time to play either since family life has taken over. Oh well, see you guys there.



If I can get a ride, I’m down for it. It’s a damn nice place too.


Same here, from Deerfield Bch

Is the tourney going to be on console or arcade machines, hopefully arcade machines.


This is so hype! Bout time there’s something going on down at the Miami scene. I’ll be there, but I need a partner for SF4! Anyone interested hit me up on XBL.


The tournament will be played off off the xbox console but it is in an arcade machine setup. He also has ports if anyone would rather use a controller. Trust me, you wont be disappointed with the setup.



If I can find a partner and a ride count me in.
I see that you won few tournaments here in FL MiamiX-Alex, I’m always looking for good opponents instead of XBL scrubs, are going to Willvo this year?


I’ll be there.