Final Round Arcade grand opening tournament results

Thanks to everyone who came out. There will be more tourneys in the future and a major tournament very soon so keep an eye out.

SF4 Team Tourney Results (11 teams):

  1. Team Ruf- Big5 (Ryu) and Alex Navarro (Chun)
  2. Team Random Miami Scrubs- Manny (Gief) and Arsenio (Bison)
  3. Simply Crespo- Crespo (Fuerte) and Joe (Ryu)
  4. Team Black on Black- Jeff (Balrog) and Alex G (Sagat)
  5. Team Going To Get Carried By Peter- ZeroG (Sagat) and Flashmetroid (Viper)
  6. Ebony and Ivory- Andrew (Balrog) and Vaughn (Viper)

SF4 Singles Results (top 8 from team tourney):

  1. Joe- Ryu, Balrog, Rufus
  2. Alex Navarro- Blanka, Rufus, Chun
  3. Manny- Gief
  4. Big5- Ryu
  5. Arsenio- Bison
  6. Crespo- Fuerte, Ryu
  7. Jeff- Balrog, Gief
  8. Alex G- Sagat (forfeited)

SFA2 (13 entrants):

  1. Nelson Santamaria- Ken
  2. Alex Navarro- Charlie
  3. Flashmetroid- Ryu, Rolento
  4. Andrew- Charlie
  5. Manny- Gief
  6. Joe- Chun

EAST COAST! GG to everyone and that Fight between me Arsenio vs peter and Richel was the most Fun I’ve had in SF4 since it came out

sounds like it was great. hopefully I can make the next one. are there any videos?

“ALEX ! ! ! . . . We won !”

Good times. LoL

Unfortunately no. It was alot of fun tho, by far the best match I’ve been a part of in a while. Good Alex, the tourney was different but nonetheless fun. Looking forward to more tourney’s at Final Round-Best fucking Arcade in Miami!!!