Final Round Arcade Miami, FL 2/13/10 Results

SF4 Teams (10 teams):

  1. Team Loser- Peter (Viper) and Joe (Rufus)
  2. White Chocolate- Arsenio (Ryu) and Jeff (Balrog)
  3. RMS (Random Miami Scrubs)- Manny (Gief) and Arturo (Honda)

SF4 Singles (21 entrants):

  1. Peter (Viper)
  2. Joe (Rufus)
  3. Alex N. (Rufus)

HDR (10 entrants):

  1. Maverick (Bison)
  2. Nelson (Chun, Ryu)
  3. Alex (Guile, Vega)

CVS2 (6 entrants):

  1. Peter (C Blanka, Rolento, Sagat)
  2. Alex (A Rolento, Sakura, Blanka)
  3. Angel (A Athena, Haomaru, Chang)

Good tourney with an excellent tournout. Lots of new guys stepping up their game and showing some potential in SF4 since the last tourney such as 8 stars and Carlos. People like JC and and Joe getting much better. I"m still wondering why Lexy and Evelio havent showed in a while. They definitely had some potential. Although Peter won again, and well deserved, he didnt run over EVERYONE like he normally does. Joe actually lost to him 4-3 in the grand finals. They had some nice matches. Its great to see the scene actually growing instead of diminishing as it had been for years in Miami. Hope to see more of the Ft Lauderdale guys in the next one. Come out and support the scene.



Who’s this? Eric V?


when is the next tourney

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LOL at HDR, we all know the original ST is making a comeback soon =P Good shit to the winners, I’ll come back to Miami sometime this year to visit again…