Final Round Arcade SSF4 Singles Tournament July 27, 2010

Super Street Fighter IV Tournament run on Xbox360 and PS3
Venue Fee - $5 to play all day!
Entry Fee - $10 For singles,
Pot will be 70-20-10
Double Elimination Tournament.

Sets will be 2 out of 3 Matches
Loser’s and Winner’s finals will be 3 out of 5 matches
Grand Finals are 3 out of 5 matches with the guy coming out of the Loser’s bracket having to win 2 sets and the guy coming out of Winner’s only having to only win 1 set.

Super Street Fighter IV

  • 2 out of 3 rounds
  • Loser of the previous match may switch characters

Tournament Will Start at 8:00 Pm.
I will run the brackets on my computer and if you are late you can not be added to the bracket so be on time!

i think you ment 5$ for venue fee you messed up

Angel had told me $10 for the weekend and I misunderstood it as everyday. Relax.

Just wondering, are you guys planning on hosting any BB:CS tournys? Maybe even as small side tournaments?

I can try and see if they are interested. But it depends on how many people play also

I talked to Angel about the tournament and we decided that it is going to be 5$ venue and 5$ entry fee