Final Round Arcade Tourney 2/13/10 (SF4, SF4 teams, HDR)


Final Round Arcade will be hosting a SF4, SF4 teams and HDR tournament on Saturday, Feb 13.

Sign-ups begin at 5pm.

Starting at 6pm we will have HDR and SF4 teams:

HDR will be standard tournament format. 2 out of 3 until winners and losers final which will be 3 out of 5. Grand finals will be 4 out of 7. In the event that HDR does not have at least 8 players we will substitute this game with CvS2 .

SF4 teams will be Player A vs Player A of opposing team and Player B vs Player B of opposing team. Only grand finals will be 2 out of 3 sets.

Starting at 8pm will be SF4 singles, our main event. Standard tournament format. 2 out of 3 until winners and losers final which will be 3 out of 5. Grand finals will also be 3 out of 5.

Prizes and fees:

Door fee will be $5 and will include the use of the console section and CvS2 on free play.
SF4 teams- $10 per team.
HDR- $5 per person.
SF4 singles- $10 per person.

Prize split will be 70/20/10 for all three tournaments. Last tournament had over 30 total SF4 competitors! Hope to see an even stronger showing at this event.



ill be there


tourney needs more deucey deuce what’s goooood


We might have it if HDR doesn’t have enough people or if thres a nice crowd that wants to play cvs2.



sf4 on xbox or ps3?


We have both available.



I think it might be a good idea if it’s just on one console to avoid ppl with different controllers on different consoles like the last time…


We originally wanted to accomodate more players by having both consoles available but it ended up causing more problems than its worth. Most like all future SF4 tourneys will be on 360. Nelson and Angel are also working on changing the PS3 cabinet to 360.



I might show up


A, ALex if we keep HDR on the 360 I’ll add $100 to the pot, I’ll have the money on SAT for you make it happen alex and still add CVS2


Nice! This should definitely entice some more people to enter. I think i may even play a bit. I haven’t touched that game since the last tourney at zp you saw me at. Should be fun. Nelson and angel will prob play as well.



Is this a BYOC event if it is what system


It is byoc but we do have two arcade setups. All the tourneys will be on xbox 360.



alex forgot to post as long as we get 10 people, for HDR I’ll add the $100 dollars for sure.


Ok cool. One question though… Are u adding $100 to the pot or $100 to the winner?



Too the winner.


Fun stuff, I was the shitty saturn pad abel