Final Round Arcade Tourney 3/27/10 Miami,FL

Final Round Arcade will be holding SF4 teams and singles on Saturday, March 27.


Sign-ups begin: 4pm
SF4 teams: 5pm
SF4 singles: 7pm


Team tournament will be 2v2. Player A plays opposing team player A, player B plays opposing team player B, winners face eachother. Tournament will be double elimination, 1 match. Winners final, losers final and grand finals will be 2 out of 3. Teams must keep characters and order the entire tournament.

Singles will be standard tournament rules, 2 out of 3 matches. Winners and losers final will be 3 out 5. Grand finals will be 4 out of 7.

Prize Split:

Entry fees:
Door fee: $5
Teams: $10 per team
Singles: $10 per person

Any additional tournaments will be help upon request during sign-ups.


Corrected date.


what System?

Where at in MIA? I have a friend who live out there and would like to enter

they have 360 and ps3 setups

it’s in mall of the americas on 77th ave and flagler st.

see you bums there GET HYYYYYYYPE

Are you doing tournaments weekly