Final Round Arcade Tourney 9/05/09 Miami,FL- SF4, BB, MVC2. **Date Changed**

Final Round Arcade will be holding a SF4, Blazblue and MVC2 tournament on Saturday September 5. Note the date change due to overlapping with another Miami tournament.

Standard tournament rules apply for all 3 games. Double elimination, 2 out out of 3. Winners and losers final will be 3 out of 5. Grand finals will be 4 out of 7. Pots will be split 70/20/10.

Starting times:
Registration for all games begins at 3pm.
BB begins at 4pm.
MVC2 begins at 4pm.
SF4 begins at 7pm.

Entry fees:
Door fee- $10
BB- $5
MVC2- $5
SF4- $10

Door fee includes use of the console section all day, MVC2 on freeplay, and 1 other arcade game to be decided on freeplay.

There will be blood

No love for the final round tournament? Lets hear from the people that are going to make it out.

My money is on Big5 winning SF4 and Ozzie(SentinalsForce) winning MvC2. I have no idea about who’s good at BB.


Sounds good.

I’ll be there.

I’ll def be there need to level up my bison.

Is button mapping allowed? Asking for a friend he uses pad.

Yes you are able to play pad on both of the units we are using.


nice to see ur still around alex

Yea you know, not into it as much as before but I want to help promote the scene, especially now that two old friends of mine, Angel and Nelson, own an arcade now. Nice to see the Louisiana peeps are still playing. You guys should try and make it down in October for the South FL challenge. Lots of good players coming in from out of town for that one.


is BB going to be played on that P360 cab. cause those sticks are less than exemplary.

I’ll be going to this, if I can just get the address lol.

Final Round Arcade
Mall of the Americas next to the AMC movie theater.
7795 West Flagler Street
Miami, FL 33144

Thanks for the response i’ll let him know.

Ill be there. entering MVC2 and SF4

No it will be played on one or both of the cabinets with the TE sticks depending on the number of entrants.


I think this may need a date change.
Seeing as there is a big tourny in miami this weekend with 1k$ garunteed in SF4.

mvc2 got all the characters wiped again on saturday when they switched in CVS1.


Date changed to Saturday September 5. All MvC2 characters will be unlocked.


mvc2 is also on ps3 so you could have 3 setups running at once if you needed to.

Eww, don’t its buggy as fuck, been playing at my house on PS3 and some weird shit happens even off line. AHVB can’t be blocked if you are not holding back before the “CHING” sound, you somtimes get lk,lk insted of lk,mk when you hit it back to back. Just weird.

Besides not many heads will enter. Runnign it while sf4 runs and it won’t even be noticed.

Unless they don’t have all the char on the arcade, then fuck the new bugs play the ps3 i guess.