FINAL ROUND IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Regarding Reserving Hotel Rooms, please read!

Everyone -

As of 2/11/08 around noon, there are only 7 out of 50(!) rooms booked for Final Round - if you have booked a room and you did not tell the hotel that you are with the Final Round event, you probably paid more for your room. Contact the hotel IMMEDIATELY and let them know. The discounted rate is $89.99

If you have not booked a room, you need to DO SO as soon as possible! In order to keep doing Final Round, we have to have the rooms booked to pay for the ballroom, otherwise money is lost on the event, which jeopardizes future FR’s. So please, help us keep bringing this to you!

I wonder what’s the problem. Whatever, I told them I was with ya’ll and I got 2 nights on FR weekend. Keep doing whatcha do people!!

I booked the room under the FR discount. Im there.:wgrin: Hope everyone do the same.

I booked room under FR name

Alright, Rashreflections booked the room tuesday and as of now we have 8 people in our room and its booked under the FR discount.

i’m getting a room next pink taco in the house!!!

booked a room f or fr


Ive booked one room for FRXI

I got 1 more room under the FR banner.

Got a smoking room booked for Final Round.

I reserved two rooms ago a while back and confirmed them last week for FR.

What is the phone number to the hotel??

Paul, check the FRXI thread…1st post by larry…its like 8 lines down if that much

Aside note, i got 1 room reserved under the FRXI crew

Date: March 15 & 16 ,2008

Location: Same location as the past 2 years.

Holiday Inn - Atlanta
2001 Clearview Avenue
Atlanta, Ga. 30340

Phone: (770)455-3700

Also thank you to everyone that reserved a room under the FRXI name.:woot::woot::lovin:

Two more rooms reserved for NC, so that makes four. Just got it done today.

cool as of right now there are 25 rooms reserved at the hotel for frxi. There’s only 17 days left until frxi.:confused:

We’ve got 6 rooms total. Book those rooms guys, you ain’t sleepin’ in the hall way, and no man can fight for 3 days with no sleep.

HA! I realized this morning that I hadn’t even booked a room yet…

Got mine today!

:tup: I got one reserved too… dood!

Thanks… My room is booked under the frx1 name…