Final round X DVD trailer

YO bumo what you heard…The Final Round DVD trailer is here We’ve had reports that in Firefox there is some problems running it so be warned.

wow, my name is on the trailer. A tear comes to my eye right now. ATL south Bitches!!!

That’s how we do playa

Yeah, it doesn’t even show up in Firefox, but is just fine in IE.

That CvS2 match was legendary…I also remember seeing that KOF XI match, shit was unbelievable.

and that 3s match shit is too good

omg i am like in the trailer for 1 sec in the beggining :smile: such an honor. FRX was fucking godly.

Hey yo, its me, its me, its RDG (RUSH DOWN GOD) VDO here, and all I wanna know is am I on that mutha cause that would be truly awesome! Sales would sky rocket thru the roof! lol Somebody get @ me and let me know when this shit is available, thanx.


FRX was the best tourny ive been to this year.