FINAL ROUND X shoutouts

first year at fr and i have to say it was maaad dope
all the people were running it real smooth and were all very nice and understanding( i think i was late for every match i had in slash:sweat: )
shout out to

all the people i played a3 with really fun shit even though no tourney went down the lines for free play were short and alot of people used alot of diff shit.

nice seen arturo and jeron holding it down as well.

gg to everyone i played in AC casuals alot of people picked the game up pretty quick and the lines were not bad for that either.

whatup to Jeff maaad props for running gg AND giving away ur spot u niice
nice running into flash m again and chillin my dude.

same goes for jan BoF all the random people in our room eric from chi town chris ranma and everyone else i saw there.

whatup to mike charls and raul from ATL!

nice meeting Jal koop and adam warlock
jal well have to posepone the mm

good shit to pat and duane for holding top 8 down for La

thank yous to larry ronnin and all the other staff memebers thans for having AC setup Tx.

lol the hell? I didn’t know you were there!

I actually came and chances are I played you in AC casuals or walked past you like 1000x times. Don’t I feel stupid. :sweat:

Anyways, shout-outs later, I’m dead tired at the moment and can barely see straight.

I got a lot of shouts coming up after I write this paper for school. Best southeast tournament ever to say the least.

yeah i been to them all it seems lie and i have fun every year!
Dub: u da best!

UncleBuck: u getting better in ST keep it up, DeeJay is too good yo.

Artuto: why u got to bring GFB back up :lol: no man nice to see u didn’t even know if u played anymore

SieClayton,KafuinGaira,Phillip,Tony,Rod, to all NC crewe owning up SNK, but what else is new right?.. u guys like my best friends

will OYG: a lotta fun yo

Trent;SyverNinja: no MvC2??? :lol: the time are a changing. nice to see u bro

Lord Doom: o wait u didn’t come so u suck! i hope u read this and know i wanted you there.

Jim;RekkaKen: thx :smiley: i learn a lot from you in ST everytime, glad we MATCHED up :smiley:

June,Bane: didj u play that poker game, i kinda juts lost ya, i got yo number though. glad i saw u

Kyah larry Leigh and so many to name:

if i didn’t shout out not that i don’t love ya just that it was a crazy weekend.

Arturo: ggs in Arcana Heart, it’s a shame we couldn’t finish our money match. We’ll do this whenever you get into Texas.

People I played in VF5: Good shit everyone, it’s good to see players for the game in general. I was the Akira user on Saturday night, had lots of fun.

Larry: For holding FRX, this tournament was awesome, glad to be able to come back. I’ll try coming back next year.

KOF people: Fun stuff, wtf at my loss in KOF XI. Everyone who was there knows what I’m talking about. It was awesome, though.

Planet Zero peeps: It’s a shame there weren’t the appropriate monitors for Accent Core, and it took awhile to get that plasma for Arcana Heart, but it was really good when it was up. Thanks a lot for getting a bunch of people to play the games that wouldn’t have had access to it otherwise.

Chibi: Sorry we couldn’t find your phone at all. :frowning:

Vman: Nice meeting you, I wish I had the time or the energy to play you guys in random stuff.

I was supposed to be there the whole weekend, but a random paypal thief managed to fuck me over the very week of FRX, so my funds were extremely limited. I’m barely dragging my feet for this week until I get back to work tomorrow. :confused:

Oh my I got a lot.

The Triad- Hey good job owning up on SNK except in Tenka and NeoWave lol…I got that on lock…:wgrin: We shall meet again man getting 4th was a hard one to swallow in NGBC I tell you man…but that’s all right I’ll be back…with me and Faust hope everyone enjoys the vids coming soon.

Shinblanka- Thanks sooo much for letting me help you run things and allowing us space on the floor. Man we totally appreciate that and I had a total blast at FRX and I promise that I will be back for Final Round XI. The tournament was excellent indeed!!

JustinW- Man it was cool as hell for you to play KOFXI man seriously thanks soooooooo much for doing that man that is really gonna help what I want to accomplish and help people get into the game more and more. Man Abubo in Double Dragon is just retarded lol I saw Infinite doing that shit in the game hhahaha it was fun to watch though!! I will play you all in it man and we had some Rage of the Dragons comp in the room but I knew you were busy owning it up in the other games. Keep up the good work man I know you’ll be at EVO and my boy jra64 will be ready for you in T5DR.

JeRon- Man good shit indeed. Man it sucks we ran into each other in NGBC 2 times lol. BUt no biggie man time cut into us running a lot of stuff but thats all right man I am still gonna shoot high and look over what we couldve done better/improved upon for this tourney to make sure things all go smoothly etc.

Sabin- Man I didnt even get to play you in anything!!! :sad: The closest was when you were filming us in NGBC playing!! Good shit in 3s etc man you think you can handle Young Geese in NeoWave??

ATL SNK Crew- Man that was some good shit!! Playing Tenka with people, NeoWave, KofXI, all that stuff was very very fun indeed!! I cant wait to come back for more!!!

Was that a black phone? I heard the dude that was running the tekken comp shout that there was a black phone that was found.

I went from atlanta to maryland in under 8 hours… tired an wore thin. i will shout out later this week.


Just got home.

I’m way too fucking tired from being in a car for so fucking long, so my shout-outs (for now) go to:

Ronin, Shin, Monkee, Koop and the rest of the FR9 squad who I have a hard time remembering by name because my brain works in retard mode 24/7, Ghaleon (we didn’t get to play much at all, fucking hell – next year), Eder (woo FL Marvel!), The Triad (someone tell CajunStrike to just fucking put Gato first and make the matches a lot shorter please), kenmastersX (lol judgement), Dark Geese (you are insane – INSANE), fatherbrain and the Kaillera crew (PROTIP: stick to gief), MasterChibi (I KNOW YOU’RE AT THE FRONT OF THE LINE FOR THE LOLIS DAMNIT), NKI (thanks for tolerating me asking you about matchups for like most of the ST tournament), DXP (fuck a wet willie), exodus (1-round perfect I WILL GO DOWN AS THE MOST NONSENSICAL PLAYER IN HISTORY), Shinshay (oddly, I barely saw much of you this tournament), NinjaMatt (hit me up about game design stuff sometime), everyone at the SNK area (including that goddamned Hayate player holy fucking shit I hope Hayate burns in a goddamned fire fuck your boomerangs), JustinW (how does it feel when noone cheers for you? That shit is fucking gay people), UltimateFaust (fuck a Tung!), that goddamned guy who was complaining about guys being a little rough on the sticks and shit and how 3S sucks, I think he was wearing an SNK shirt (please shut the fuck up next year noone cares), DFP RADIO!!!@#@#$!, final_cut (sticks with titties on them are cool), Fuji (I want to learn to do what you do :looney:), SmoothViper (sitting on Vega? Who are you again?), the cats playing VF5 at the end of the day (thanks for putting up with my El Garbage), and that dude from Mississippi who fucking literally has no competition in any games whatsoever (move out or start raping those videos), I didn’t remember your name because my head holds only so much and I didn’t talk to you much after day one – post up on DG’s threads, you’ll learn all you need if you ask (and practice).

I have more shout-outs, but I am so fucking tired that I snnkssssssssnore

Shoutouts: You know who you are. If I didn’t see you/talk to you it was because I’m blind as fuck without my glasses on.

PS: How the fuck did I do better in Marvel when I don’t even play that game much/seriously? I bombed in 3s… whatever

I got more shoutouts-

Stone/DarkZero- That match was fucked up in KOFXI but hey man what can you say?? You win some you lose some…it’s all good just keep playing. Hell I got top 6 in NEC7 but got like 14th in this one. One missed super like sealed the deal but oh fucking well I’m already ready for the next tourney.

Azagtoth- Man that KOFXI shit was good shit. Exposing me to Yuri,Adel, and who ever else …man never seen that shit before that was good shit and you see that got you pretty far up in the bracket. Good shit man, why again didnt you enter NGBC??? :wonder: We will all catch up again and trust me Young Geese CAN BE BEATEN LOL.

Ninjamatt- Good shit in SST, KOFXI, NeoWave, all that shit man. We didnt get to play like everything but I know we wouldve had a helluva time you know!! Keep that Gedo up in SST man that was hella good shit!!! And dont worry I can turn it up in NeoWave with ease…And my team is not all about Geese…lol. I’ll say it again, Young Geese CAN BE BEATEN. Just like Amakusa in SST can right??? :lol:

Earwig- Keep that shit up man too good shit I’m serious man we gotta all meet and play again that shit was too much fun!!!

J-Dash- Thanks a lot for helping me run shit man KOFXI the day before wore me out and my throat was out and they ran out of NGBC brackets so I needed someone to help. Consider me paying your way in KOFXI as me supporting the SNK scene, that is what I am here for after all!!

Deadly Rave Neo- Good shit in RB2, we didnt get to play much but I do believe that I can beat you in RB2…I think between me and earwig we can take you out but for now you take FRX RB2 Champion.

JeRon- Man too bad we didnt get to play WH2, I wouldve LOVED to show you how Dragon is REALLY meant to be played!! Same for PIM2, I wouldve loved to show you Angela at her finest lol. I had my 94 Rebout shit ready for you and Julien’s safe ass Robert dive kicks and shit lol.

some shoutouts action

Alex G: that was an intense money match, you almost had me. Next time lets make it big and hype like the one you had with george

Flash: no money match this time = thumbs down. Thats ok though, I’ll get you next time. Its all good

Combatfreak: congrats on being the only one who beat me in a money match this weekend, too bad we didnt have time to run that back but next time I will have to step it up against you

Andrew: sorry I always end up taking you out, maybe one of these days they wont put us in the same part of the brackets. good matches as ussual

ultimate faust: congrats on taking 4th place. You seem to be getting a good grasp on faust, too bad we didnt get to play eachother, but i hate mirror matches anyway haha. Come to evo north

zinac: good shit on being the only one with the balls to play me for more than 10 bucks in a money match, sorry you had to lose it but your faust is coming along nicely as well

rudy: good showing as ussual, you guys need to make it out to evo north

chaz: good games

stone: keep working on your venom, its not half bad. Also, smoke owns you for free

tennesee baiken player (sorry i forgot your name): good game in the tournament, you turned out to be a pretty tough opponent, playing you my first match certainly made me play my A game from the start

pimp juice: good tournament match, and even better post tournament activity, good to see other people get down like chicago does Im always down for more “green” matches heheh

Heidern: thanks a ton for running the tournament, you made good brackets, ran things fairly and kept things organized. Its always good to chill and do the ussual post tournament activity with you. By the way, I found your sweatshirt, it wound up in my bag buried in my other clothes, if you PM me your address I can mail it back to you.

Combofiend: glad to see at least someone from west coast guilty gear came out to play. I heard that the cali scene still plays fairly frequently out there, you should try to convince more cali players to travel. I would love to play against some new players. And tell romel and saif to stop being lazy and come with you next time.

R0b0t and Jan: thanks for coming out and reping texas even with evo south going on. You picked the right tournament to go to. It was good to play you again jake, though its a shame I didnt get a chance to play Jan. You guys should come out to evo north.

Sanford: good job on marvel, I hope you were serious when you said you are going to try to learn more guilty gear and try to get more marvel players to start playing. It would certainly be a huge step in advancing the community.

Arturo: good seeing you again dude, try to make it out to chicago in june

Fugee: you’re a smart man, you know who to place your bets on. When you make it to evo north, make sure you force Kenji to come along this time, even if it means knocking him out and stuffing him in your trunk

Final Round staff: thanks for making chicago’s first final round a posative and memorable experience. Everything was done well.

Booooo! to everyone who posted they wanted a money match with me and were no where to be found

Also Booooo! to no 5 on 5 chi vs EC happening. That shit would have been hot

and finally, last but certainly not least, good shit to everyone from team chicago, even the guys who couldnt make it out, you are all the reason why we succeed

this and mwc where the best majors i have been too. and the cheapestestest.

AlexG: stop playing marvel

Best ‘O’ Fire: we didnt play this time, but thats okay since we usually do and we were just trying to play new people. nice to see you again and let those nc peeps know that mammamaries are whats up.

Bobby Washington: your good mang, if you bet less you wouldnt get angry for loosing any money.

Blacksnake: good shit, i havent played you since NEC where i was a scrub of scrubs so i was looking forward to playing you but ohhh well. maybe next time. and i hope you dont get sick after drinking that water cause you never know how many people thought the exact same thing as you did.

Capps: i dont think i ever get to play you in gg buuut thanks a thank you very much for recording vids. i look forward to seeing them.

Combatfreak: nice seeing you again next time we need to play though. we also need to bring aout the suits next time.

CHIBS: I want that mag its too good. im glad we played some mb though, maybe i will actually get good at the game. but for now BUBZBUBZBUBZBUBZ

Dorn: you scrub, we only played a couple times, why you running yo. seriously though, you pretty good and i want to play you again.

Flash: i wanted to play you more but that didnt happen. look forward to next major.

Guardian: did you even play king if you got hit? good stuff though and nice seeing you again.

Jeff: i wanted to play you mang but that did not happen thanks a lot for runing this shit and i hope to see you on to top your game at evo. also i feel yah on that sleep, before this tourny i had a presentation for my final and did ot sleep for 2 days strait. get some sleep.

JucyG: i didnt play you at all foo. be shure to come get this next time yo.

Malice: stop knocking me out in tournments if i ever have money we can do a ky vs slayer mm… except im playing slayer and you can play ky D:

Pinion: no offence taken and dont worry, you are probubly one of my better teamates i have ever had as far as major are concerned. good stuff mang. BUBZ!!!

Robot: why where you playing AC let others have a turn
fun playing you that ONE time in the team tourny though. i’ll play you some more next time.

Silentshiobi: God games, even though before hand i was useing pad i can see you got a lot better. cant wait to play you guys again. oh and dont worry about the food, i was giveing you a hard time. just make sure you got the money for it next time i roll around cause we can do another match

Stone: HATE!!! but fun casuals. drunkin pink anji is top teir. lets play random bnoken game again.

Woof: dont worry someday you will outgrow the lolis and become a man. thanks for the art work and sorry if i said anything stupid while i was drinking. games where too fun to play though.

Zappa player from NY: I know your name but i am totally blanking out right now. good games. your zappa is the crazy man, that teams match was realy close but i’ll get you next time.

random guy looking for illigal substances at checkers: whats a green leaf???

People in Stone/Woofs room that i was drinking in:: randomness ftw. that was the highlight of my night and i really enjoyed playing you guys. i heard eli raped woof that night, is it true???

unfortunately, i was only there on saturday, but still had a blast!

shoutouts to all and hoped everyone had fun!! (if i get a chance i’ll shoutout individually)

i posted some pictures, but will try to post more when I get them others.

To the FR10 staff. Y’all throw one fuck of a great party.

RPD Rookie, good shit with the Q costume

Yeah Dood…DOOOOOOODE is all I can say about the low tier goodness.

Deadly-Rave Neo, Jion Wansu, and NothingXS…we were the only Kaillera paople to show??? WTFsupwiththat

Adam Warlock Yo. I’ll learn CVS sometime. Promise. SWEAR. later

To ALL the people in my room friday night (15 peeps in 407 playing 3s on 2 tvs) Thanks for not being dicks about it when I kicked everyone out at 6 am. :slight_smile: Much thanks for the fun times.

Exodus- Lets see if u remember my name now without reading the damn brackets. WHAT NOW?!

Dark Geese- I hate Young Geese i know i can beat that ass. I just hate to turtle. GGs in NW.

Shinshay- lol at thinking i was a big fanboy. I just wanted to know if i got ur name right!!! :sweat: :rofl:

Pinion- U should love all the Miami crew. We saved u from Babycakes.

Calm Warrior- Thx for looking out for me while was shitfaced. I didnt want to kill myself or anything.

Theres more but i cant think right now.

nah its all good, had a lot of fun that time :7)


at least i dont remember

whos ringtone was that anyway? that was some hilarious shit to wake up to.

that was eli’s alarm
which explains why it repeated so many times
and why is it that all of us wake up but eli who is next to the phone sleeps right through it

i have no idea that dude sleeps like a rock

also wtf @ chibi bringing random hentai into our room :confused: :rofl: