I figure this would be easier than sending it all over the place…Enjoy!!


:wonder: Here’s mine:

Mostly just picks of DevilJin, BBHood, RPD rookie, JiBbo, KnuckleDust and Me wigging out but there’s a lot of cameos there like Adam Warlock, ShinBlanka, SCOTT POPULAR, BobSmack…etc. :rofl: Huzza! Now you can have fun at our expense… dood!



EDIT: The Mixup picture is classic :lol: I also like the one where it looks like Shonda is giving Clint a good talkin’ to.


:rofl: Those that didn’t come to Final Round this year missed out of the Registration Party. Whoa, it was insanely awesome:

lays head down in shame
:shake: I’m… I’m sorry. I was bored and had photo shop in front of me. Forgive me, I’m not proud of myself right now… dood.


LOL Dood, that is too good :slight_smile: Can you make that into an avatar for me? :slight_smile:


:rofl: No problem, give me about 5 minutes and some time to rethink my life over again… dood!




Looks like somebody is trying to feed me some baby food, but I really don’t want it. :lol:


:rofl: Tom looks like he’s head-butting me something fierce… dood!


Well, shit I made it into someone’s avatar on srk. Big Timer! :smokin:


Yeah, it looks like you’re doing the “Night at the Roxbury” :lol:

“WHAT IS LOVE? Baby don’t hurt me…”


LOL TAZ ahahahaha so peaceful.

nice pics eugene, miss ya bud.


haha yall took my pic when i was passed out in the tub? damn :amazed:


Mike G and JWong in the same pic; never thought i’d see the day.

… nobody cares about marty. >.>

/me runs


just a few of my pics


:cool: Handlin’ BIDNISS! :cool:


ohhh that’s solid lol