Final Round XII: MvC2 results and shoutouts

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (50 + Players)

1st. Justin “Marvelous” Wong (MSP/Matrix) - (Loses to no one)
2nd. Arthur “BabyWolverine” Catigbe (Santhrax) - (Loses to J360 and Justin)
3rd. Joshua “J360” Aponte (Mag/IM/Sent) - (Loses to Justin and BabyWolverine)
4th. Max “50morecent” (MSP/MSS/Santrax) - (Loses to BabyWolverine twice)
5th. Brandon “Demon Hyo” Deshields (MSP/MSS) - (Loses to Max and BabyWolverine)
6th. Joe “ATL CPU” (Mag/IM/Sent / Scrubclops) - (Loses to Justin Wong and Max)
7th. Deric “Skitz” Bogus (MSS) - (Loses to ?)
8th. Peter “FlashMetriod” Susini (Mag/IM/Sent) - (Loses to ?)


-Josh360 going 3-2 with Justin Wong in winners finals. IM was on point.

-Max reppin the shit out of the ATL, sending Demon Hyo to losers

-Josh360 hitting BabyWolverine once and sending him to losers 2-0

-Demon Hyo perfecting BabyWolverine and getting hype on stage.

-BabyWolverine coming back from a double snap in the last game to beat Demon Hyo 2-1 for more hype on stage.

-BabyWolverine winning losers finals 3-0 against Josh360.


Coming soon…

Also, I’ve captured all all of (well most of) the matches that occurred on the furthermore left television during the main tourney and are on my youtube account (check my sig). I do not know who most of these people are, so please watch the matches and try to identify them/yourself so I can tag the videos completely. Just post the player(s) in the comments section of the vid.

Thanks everyone.

good shit guys.

thanks for the vids

yo I have the full bracket on my comp(I’m still in atlanta, I haven’t made it home yet), I will post it when I get back.

HUGE SHOUT OUT To my hommies Joe “ATLCpu” and Max “50mOreCeNtS” for both making the top 5 in mvc2 at FR12. Way to represent the ATL in that marvel! Too bad max had to knock you out of the tournament joe. I couldn’t watch that whole match because It’s like watching my kids fight! :shake: Ya’ll have always had the skills, but being down here in the “A” it’s hard to get props in mvc2 since there’s no scene for mvc2 in Ga for the most part.:nunchuck: Hopefully people will know that atlcup and 50morecents from the atl ain’t to be fucked with in future tournaments!:nunchuck:

good lookin on the vids :smile:

good shit max and joe!!!


Why didn’t you and Mixon not come out?

-Eric V:chat:


I swear i wont miss the next:nunchuck:

real life owning me up:shake:

I just wanna say congrats to everyone who did well, I hope we can have more southern killas in that top 5 next time:china:

my brotha from another motha, you will see me sooner or later!!

good shit on sf4, i knew you would do well

can’t believe i forgot to give a shout out to arthur and josh. Good shit!! NY kung fu is strong :nunchuck:

No more marvel??
lol u frontinnn!!!:china:

what place did mike ross get?

I can’t believe he didn’t win…:annoy::annoy::annoy::annoy::annoy::annoy::annoy::annoy::annoy::badboy::badboy::badboy::badboy::badboy::badboy::badboy::badboy::badboy::badboy::razz:

I aint frontin no more, ima be back on that crack :nunchuck:

damn good shit to joe and max. i wouldnt expect anything less. im mad i aint get to make it this year but ill be playin you two again along with baby wolverine and j360

Good shit, we need to play again :lovin:

NY marvel player are too god like!!! They never fuck up combos crazy shit ever…:china: Baby wolverine is so hard to get a hit on you will lose at least 40 percent of your health before you hit this guy!!! J360 hmmm just dont let this guy, get a hit or you will be perfect… Justin is a beast… Demon Hyo wow this guy gets perfect on the big screen…:woot: I lose to Justin Wong thats who put me in the loser…:wow:

Just a quick shoutout to all that i played, its good to see marvel competition steppin their shit up. Cant write too much right now cause im at work, but FR is always fun and i hope to see you all next year. Good Shit NY, good shit peacing me out justin. Arthur weve come a long way.

SF4 was hype.

You and Arthur are a serious problem to anyone in MVC2, I expect you both to do very well at Evo worlds!


somebody recorded our matches but dont know where it iz
?Swear i didnt know who you were till you told me later,never saw you in person before