Final Round XII: New Pro Tip: Never Get Up?


If anyone went to Final Round, you prob atleast of seen, heard, or felt the hype a mile away. This was the Kensou (CViper) vs Liston (Sagat) match which I believe should be thread worthy. Basically Kensou whiffs an Ultra, Liston thought he could jus execute an Ultra to beat Kensou, but sagat’s ultra ends up flying over C.Vipers head whiffing, and Kensou jumps back on the stick to win while Liston is doing his victory dance.

Recorded/edited by me. Helped with recording: Kiyokix (on chair)

I also have the full match, as well as others near the Top 16 brackets, If theres enough interest i’ll post the whole match.

Watch in High Quality: [media=youtube]wMHc32ygldk[/media]




Its still nothing like being there was it???



haha theres no words that can describe this match…lol


Kensou is a beast :rofl:


Except…you can’t even see it being done since the screen is blocked.


This just made my day.


Ahhhahaha good shit dude! Heard about it on Bunkei’s radio, never thought I’d get to see it. :lovin:


lmao man… i almost fell off the chair i was standing on when i seen that fight… that nigga was so excited thnking he won :rofl:


all u gotta see is everyone’s O Face, C.Viper’s victory screen, and everyone bein hype…THATS WHY U GOTTA COME TO FINAL ROUND!


this is the most embarrassing thing i’ve ever seen


Yah, that was pretty amusing on its own.


It was mad talk right after that…you can see me in that vid…I’m the guy right next to Kensou in the white tanktop talking to him about that match…right after that we all were like “TEXAS…TEXAS…TEXAS!!!” it was good shit. :smokin:

And then I remember the shit that ensued…me saying I’d spot Kensou for a rematch and Justin Wong telling me he’d spot Liston for $900 LOL :rofl: :rofl: :wtf: :wonder: :confused:

Thats how HYPE THAT SHIT WAS… You can’t understand the hype from the video alone…

And then Kensou telling me “its not that serious.” You right it ain’t that serious lol.

So the rematch never happened…if it did it would be on my account :rofl:



lol i know you who are man… i was there…(off topic) my boy dnyce got me interested in garou… teach me the lil ninja nigga :lovin:


ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL scrub fucking shit WOW hahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhhahahahahahahahahhahah x100 hahahahahhahahahahahhahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahhah.

Sit the fuck down man lol


Haha it’s worth coming to FR just to see shit like this.


in so many ways…


How do you feel after something like this? I seriously want to know.

It’s like celebrating a winning basket after you scored on your own net. :shake:


yikes that was hype


Well it had to be bad enough to talk up a shitstorm of trash talking afterwards…Kensou was the bigger man and walked away from it all because BOY you shouldve heard them mouthing off after THAT! :rofl: :lol:



It should’ve been called…never leave your seat till the fight is done.
Good shit!