Final Round XIII - "The New ERA" - Atlanta, GA - 3/12-3/14/2010

WE’RE BACK! It’s time to announce the Biggest tournament on the east coast is back for another year! We got a brand new site for FR13. Goto the link to the the official dates of each game played at FR13 and rules. I’m trying to get FR more professional than previous years to get some sponsership hopefully.

We will have an early bird online prepay preregistry ready for those that like to pay in advance. This will help us have more accurate #'s of how many truely plan to attend this event.

I advise everyone that can do the early bird online pre-pay special to take advantage of the $10 discount from the door fee up until october, 31 2009. Goto to get all of the info. If you’re not sure you will be attending FR13 you can still pre-reg without pre-paying online. All you do is register on and follow the directions for pre-reg. If something comes up at a later date and you can’t attend FR13 you simply have to edit your own name off the list. It’s that easy folks. So either way if you are thinking about attending FR13 for sure or you might/maybe attending FR13 you have the option to do both.

As always don’t pre-reg if you aren’t able to attend. We want to have the brackets completed and mostly accurate the week before the event for every tournament.

We will accept walk up’s to FR13 like always, but I advise everyone to prepay online so all you have to do is walk in and grab your badge and have fun at FR13. Prepay pre-reg also speeds up the sign in process and the bracket making process at the event so we can start ON TIME!!! So it’s on once again! Let the hype begin!

Also if you think you are going to bring a set up to get the free badge I will have a list that will keep track of those that stated they were going to bring a set up. There will limit # of set up’s for each game.

There will be no pre-reg in this site. The only way you can pre-reg is to do it on the FR13 site. Prepay and unsure pre-reg will start August 1, 2009 on the FR13 site.

I’m not sure that I can attend yet, but if I do, I’ll tag along with DG.

Larry, do you need staff? I’ll volonteer my services if I do go.

Hah, I’ll be there.

i’ll be there

i can’t wait for this again

Bring back SamSho Tenka for the SamSho game this year…pleaseeeeeeeeee

The official game list is full, BUT WE MIGHT allow unofficial tournaments if we have the time. If you can get 16 people then it MIGHT HAPPEN! Key word is MIGHT! I was thinking sam showdown 5 special, but you can poll players in the snk section of srk. Send me the link and i’ll monitor it to see how things go.

5Special is a good game, but numerous experiences in the past have told me that emulator tournaments just don’t work well in the long run.

Still, there’s months to plan so there’s no rush…

Ok well start that thread sir. I’ll be watching.

Make the choices:



Can’t wait. This may be my final Final Round, but we will show everyone that GA is the Capitol of the East Coast. Oh yeah, and I’ll money match any Guile player as well there, because I am on a mission to be the best Guile on the East Coast. See you guys in 8 months.

I not going to even worry because i know that your going to add STHD i know you are. “STOP PLAYING LARRY”

There will be no pre-reg in this site. The only way you can pre-reg is to do it on the FR13 site. Prepay and unsure pre-reg will start August 1, 2009 on the FR13 site. Everyone that pre-pays will be put in our database and placed in the brackets of each game they are competing in 1st. Then all of the unsure pre-reg will be put in the database as stand by untill they confirm they are coming. Getting everyone in the database is key to making the brackets early so bare with me please.

This will help the process of signing in at the event 100X faster imo. I want things to run fast so if there is a request for a side tournament MAYBE it can happen. The only way I would allow extra side tournament in the ballroom is if the majority of the main events are near completed or wouldn’t slow down the main tournaments.

Another note: if you want to pre-register, but don’t want to pay, I intend to have it set up so that you can pre-reg when it becomes available, but pay at a later time. You will be able to pay on the website (for a discounted price - see the site), or pay at the door, but it is NOT REQUIRED to pay to pre-register. Although we would recommend it if possible :slight_smile:

Yes what you said sir.:sweat: :wink:

Sup Ric. How did you do at EVO? :wonder: I was rooting hard for everyone in the southeast on the stream.

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and wtf @ no 3s…


Yay!!! Finally!!