Final Round XIII - "The New ERA" - Atlanta, GA - 3/12-3/14/2010

There’s also a qualifier for FR13 going on in 2 weeks. CHeck out the link.

Please no registration on here - there will be a registration open on the website ( by August 1st. You will need to register there - we don’t want anyone to get missed!

IN FACT - if anyone that sees this that put registration on this page could edit that information out so that others don’t see it and think that they need to, that would be much appreciated!

Not to well not trying to make an excuse but playing on the PS3 was so slow and laggy that it was hard to do anything.

but, all in all had a blast

Wow, on the first page. Hype! Can’t wait for SEB as well! Is SFIV going to have a 256 man cap like last year or will you allow pools of some type to allow for more than 256?

Edit, dang it when I post my post goes the second page. . . . no first page in the Final Round thread. :frowning: Oh well, there’s always next year’s thread.

I’ll be there. If you need me for staff or help in any way I’ll be happy to do it.

Shin/Bob- Hello Gentlemen, i have been meaning to get back to you about a post you guys made in my leaving florida theard so i will put this as nicely as i can.

NIGGA IF YOU ASK ME ANY STUPID SHIZZLE AGAIN ABOUT ME COMING TO FINAL ROUND. I’M beating dat ass IRL. what did i tell you, something seriously catastrophic has to occur for me not come to final round. Hell is wrong with you asking them crazy questions.

I may need a ride from the airport though, i’m just saying.

larry? larry?

I shall be there. I think you should run sam sho 2 again and we all know why. Next time i want a pimp cup!

And if you do alpha again. Console please and more setups or i will be vanishing like galford.

Lucas was talking to me about some foolishness that i will pm you about and also i will be seeking some advice from you pretty soon. i’ll be pming you in about a week or soo because work and travelling will have a brother going crazy yo.

As always, of course I’m there…
For SF4 teams…is it 100% going to 5v5? Gonna try and get my team up well in advance

We skipped last year but I’ve got the bug again and we should be able to make it down from OH. FR is always the best!

You guys are for-sure not having Marvel (not counting low tier) and 3s though? Any chance of getting them set up as side tournies? I know space/time is tight. I can understand 3s with SFIV taking over, but Marvel is getting rereleased and is kind of news again :slight_smile: we hope

I lol’d.

Don’t worry, NOBODY has to claim they aren’t running CvS2 this year :lol:

No cap

lol my bad yo. Oh yea, Alex J showed me a youtube vid of you farting in the car at evo and the windows didn’t work to roll them down!!!:wtf::razzy::rofl::rofl::sleep: I was rolling on the floor laughing my ass off watching the vid. You know you can hit me up anytime D. I can pick you up from the train station, but you know i’m usually super busy during thursday-sunday of Final Round weekend. Remember the public train system will drop you off 3 block away from the hotel. Just hit me up man and I can try to arrange someone to get you from the airport.:tup:

This is a great idea sir. I would advise everyone to try gather their teams before the event with players you know that are going to attend FR13. This will save sign up’s time also.:tup:

I’m doing low tier because the people requested it last year but I said no. I think it will add some new flare to an older game. As for 3s not being in FR13 it was a choice between ST or 3S as my OLD SCHOOL sf game at FR13. ST won that battle.:karate: I hope you guys attend fr13, but I understand life happens sometimes.

OMG, I would love to be on your team. Team Sandy Springs/Buckhead, that shit would be so killer. Too bad no one else lives in Buckhead/Sandy Springs. Yeah, I’ll pay to be on that team, seriously.

Hmmm, is it not possible to run a low tier marvel and a normal marvel tournament both? I would think so, but maybe time constraints prevent it…

Regardless, I got majorly screwed out of coming last year, and I’m starting to gain some mad skill in Blazblue/SC4, plus I’m getting a crew of players set up. I might be able to bring somewhere around 3-5 to this shindig. But I’m planning on coming either way.

Going to have hotel discounts again?

Time is the problem imo. I think sf4 and t6br will be atleast 200+.:wow: I hope you guy’s get to come this year. I know you had a rough time before fr12.:shake: Hotel info is on the FR website.

:frowning: @ no 3S.

Thanks Larry. Yeah, the housing situation is all cleared up now, and that shouldn’t be an issue come this winter again. So for real, I missed the hype last year, getting only what I saw in I Got Next. I want my share of that hypeness this year!

My crew may end up picking up T6 too, but if I can get them to go, we are DEFINITELY entering SC4 and BB.

I know I say this every year but now that I’m self employed I actually have a say on when I can get off (no homo) So I’ll see ya there!!

Bring the whole D h t rW :slight_smile:

Kyah, we need to change some things on the website. I’ll send you a pm.

This will be a pure PS3 tournament as far as Street Fighter IV is concerned right?