Final Round XIII - "The New ERA" - Atlanta, GA - 3/12-3/14/2010

of course sir.

This Final Round is gonna be gdlk. Can’t wait.

I will pre reg on site, glad to see this thread you all know I will be there to bring the SNK hype and try to lure Mr. KOF, Chris Hu and others as well!

Any chance of any SNK side tourneys?

FFS mm…

Omg I cant wait for this. Gonna take my automatic 9th place in GGAC like I do at every tourny :(!! HYPE!

You know how we do shawty!:cool:

I hope they come out so people can see high level snk on the big stage and through the stream!

No tournament will be run at FR13 without my blessing, period!:cybot:

lol You can do better doren. You got to believe!:cool:

I’m so going this year.

motw KOF and maybe one other…

Ah snap, he said stream!

Now the rest of the nation can enjoy the southern HYPE!

Hell who knows, I might be able to go. Sounds like fun, I just need to get use to pressing all 3 buttons for ultra in SF4.

I might try to make it to FR13 this year. Only problem is having a PS3 stick. Hell, I don’t even have a stick in general yet!

I will actually be down to go to this me and one of my friends… This will be my first big out of state tournemt =) Cant wait for this

Pick up a madcatz fightstick for the 360.

Grab a Cthulhu and an imp, follow the simple guide in tech talk for dual modding with that setup (it’s a sticky thread).

Both problems solved. Grab a TE if you don’t want to order your parts seperate and the install them. Either way, you’ll be golden!

Unofficial Tournaments huh? Sounds good to me. I would love to see 3s and SS5 special… I’d also like to see Street Fighter Alpha 3 come back (but I’m probably alone there:sweat:).

Yo larry, may I have the honor of running the SNK Tournaments like I did last year? I would greatly appreciate this chance to do it again for the SouthEast.

ok sir. You need to goto the premo section and look for the fr13 avatar thread and tell streak your on the fr13 staff and you need an avatar.:wgrin:

Premo’s coming to FR13!:wgrin:

I really want to come this year but I cant take off any time in March(I work for a TV station and march Madness is too big for us.) Any chance of moving SC4 from friday to Saturday and switching SSBB Teams to Friday. This would make all Team tournaments on Friday. If not I understand but I would really like to enter SC4.

sorry dude, but most of the brawl payers come in on sat.

Avatar’s up! Get this hypefest started 8 months early!

no problem man, I am going to still try to come but the main two games I was entering where SF4 and SC4. would have been nice to be able to play the two expecially since ATL is just about the best place to Play SC, guess it is what it is though. thanks for the quick response.