i haven’t completely settled into my new place yet, and i don’t have photoshop installed on this computer. i’ll let you know as soon as i’m comfortable and ready to start working on FRXIV avatars. if i had to give you a time estimate, i’d say sometime around the end of next week. :tup:

and, don’t worry. i still have your PM awhile ago. i’ll work on that request too.

I put the official fr14 thread up. I have the new address in there for fr14

HELP PLEASE! Final Round is only 5 months away! We must start the hype NOW!

I’m looking into some photoshop tutorials to see if I can come up with something new for FRXIV. Stay tuned. :cool:

not so ninja [e]dit:

Working on two designs right now (loosely based on the FRXIII avs), but I’m not really liking either one.

I know whatever you do will be hot!

Hey just drop the av’s in here john when you get them ready.

what he said!!

ok totally didn’t know this was made already!!! lol