Yo JQ, Honda love for non premium? If you can I’d appreciate it, no stress tho’ - do what you can when you can! thanx!

Mos def! :tup:

sweet, I PM’d you my request a few days ago. lookin forward to rockin’ it :]

Fuckin’ amazing bro, Thanks!

You can say that again!

LOL! Welcome! :slight_smile:

preciate JQ for the avy.

Yo can I get a Ken avy? Non Premium plz and thnx!

Why are you always so on point???

Yo, can you make a Final Round av out of the one I currently have? I can get you a bigger pic to play with if need be.


Will do!

I cheat! LOL!

Yea, if you could get me the full size pic… That would be awesome, sir!

Perfect man thanks!

Wasn’t sure if you missed mine on the first post or not but don’t worry about it now if you did miss it. If you did and already started, ignore the bottom part then.

Can I get a Lilica non prem avatar? Take your time man.


You’re next in line bro, I’m working on urs now. I was in the middle of ur Amaterasu av, but no worries I can do both. :tup:

Hey, can I get a Premimum Rose av? I’ll go find some images if I need to…