FINAL ROUND XIV March 11-13, 2011 Atlanta, Ga. apart of EVO2011 Tournament Season



Friday, March 11, 2011 - Sunday, March 13, 2011

Location Hilton Atlanta Airport
1031 Virginia Avenue
Atlanta, GA

It’s on once again people to bring to you the 14th installment of the longest running Fighting game tournament on the east coast! That’s right folks Final Round is back for another year and this year we are going to make this an event you won’t want to miss. We are moving to a new location for FR14. (i’m sorry Justin Wong there’s no tofu house near the new location) The Hilton Ballroom is a serious upgrade from the old hotel ballroom.

The unthinkable has happend!!! Final Round and EVO have teamed up! We are proud to be apart of our community 1st real Tournament Ranking Season or ( TRS for short). This tournament system is geared towards people/players in our community attending MAJOR events around the usa to get a proper ranking in Super StreetFighter 4 and Marvel vs Capcom 3. Along with FR14 there will be other Major community events across the nation that will be apart of this ranking system for the great good of the community!

As it stands FR14 will be the 3rd major event to attend to get ranked for the world championships at EVO2011. Please goto Shoryuken - Evo Tournament Season, Date, and Location Announced to get the other locations of the tournaments apart of the tournament season. The top 16 players at each event will get ranking points towards seeding at EVO2011! With this system we can hopefully avoid the pools/brackets of death at Major events. Get hyped people because this is a bright new day for our community as a whole! Now get off your butt and start preparing to attend FR14!

Yes it’s official folks! We are happy to announce that THE MURDERFACE IS COMING TO Final Round 14. Yes your favorite japanese player “Tokido” is the winner of the FinalRoundBATS and he is ready to attend FR14 to compete in one of our communities longest running Majors in the USA! This will also be the 1st time “Tokido” will visit the east coast/southeast so this is uncharted waters for him! Tokido is coming to FR14 and he said he is going to take MvC3 seriously for tournament play. Will this be the 1st test for the american’s against japan in MvC3? Will the USA defend the marvel world title or will this be the new era of japan winning in marvel on american soil?

He plans to compete in the nations Premier Tekken 6 tournament also. He is a top 8 placer IN TEKKEN 6 at EVO2010, so he is not to be taken lightly! Will this be the 1st japan winner in Tekken 6 at Final Round? Last year Knee and NIN came to Final Round 13 and got 1st and 2nd place and walked away with the pimp cup! Will the USA PROTECT THIS HOUSE or will japan win Tekken 6 on american soil at the nations Premier Tekken Tournament? Damn my hype meter is almost full!!!

Final Round will also be the finals for the DOJO Esports 5 vs 5 online team league! Fighting Game OG Jason Dirty Cole is starting a 5 vs 5 league. Teams from across the nation will compete to rep their regions online and the finals will be LIVE at FR14! Team spooky and Iplaywinner are in charge of stream these events so you know the quality will be supurb! With the new year kicking off new games this will be the true NEW ERA OF FIGHTING GAMES and we are happy to team up with Jason Cole and this new league!

We have a EMS member “Scott Popular” aka “Negro Install” running a japanese ranbat tournament called FinalRoundBats and the winner of the finalroundbats in SSF4 will represent Japan at FR14. Great players like tokido and mago are recent winners of finalroundbats and I can’t wait to see who comes to FR14.


Super StreetFighter 4 (EVO Tournament Ranking Season)
SF2ST HDremix
Arcana Heart3
Marvel vs Capcom 3 (EVO Tournament Ranking Season)
Guilty Gearxx:AC

This year we are very excited to have TEAM SPOOKY as the our streaming host for FR14. The quality and production of their streams are well known throughout the FGC and now they will be broadcasting FR14 for all of the stream monsters! Get hyped!!! We will also be streaming tekken on friday and saturday on Final Round Streams on USTREAM: .. This will be your spot to watch tekken.

Click here to see team spooky website: Team Sp00ky

Here’s a trailer 1st FR14

Final Round Video | Facebook

We will also have a 2nd stream for Final Round 14 that will be show multiple game like Tekken6, AH3, melty blood, and interviews from the players live at the event! We are going to try to cover FR14 like no other event has done before. Goto Final Round Streams on USTREAM: . to get extra viewing pleasure at FR14.

It’s time to get HYPED!!! - Home of the largest fighting game tournament in the Southeast! Click the link to the left or go under the “Events” option at the top to get to the FR14 Sub Menu and click “Register.” Registration is pretty much the same as last year except for a few key points:

  1. We are now taking pre-reg for GAMES AND BADGES!

  2. THERE WILL BE NO REGISTRATION DURING THE EVENT ON SATURDAY OR SUNDAY THIS YEAR. We’re trying to expedite all of this to make it a little easier for everyone. The only line you’ll have to wait in is the one to get your badge, which will be the same one to get into the event, which should now move way faster! There will be a registration period on Friday from 9am until 12:00 NOON, so if you can’t get access to PayPal or a credit or debit card to pay securely online, you will have to register at the door on Friday! So pre-register online ASAP!

  3. There is no more “pre-reg” list, as now in order to pre-register, you must also pay. We will start a “Who’s Coming” thread in the forums to serve this purpose.

As usual, this is a manual process, so please allow up to 48 hours for your status to update - you will be able to see what games you have pre-registered and paid for. Contact me on the forums or through PM if there are any questions. Thanks!

Also be advised that we have an “EARLY BIRD” special entry badge fee of $30.00 (at the door will be $40) going on until March 6, 2011. Please take advantage of this great deal for your entry badges for FR14 while it still last. FR14 will be here before you know it and the hype is starting to build. Don’t miss out on the start of the 2011 Major Tournament season at FR14! See ya in March Shawty!


oh yea, before you ask the fr13 dvd is about to be released in 2 weeks. We have jam over 7 disc worth of footage for FR13 dvd! With coming up short on making the dvd in past years we are going to give you as much footage we cane without making something longer than the lord of the rings movies!


Oh shit, I have been WAITING for this announcement for so long now, can’t wait until next year.


Also there will be a special screening of the FR:docu movie at FR14 on friday ONLY! This will be a documentary about FR history. This will be my 1st time seeing it also as i’m not to view the movie until FR14 with the rest of the people attending FR14. Man I can’t wait for FR14. 7 months away and i’m already hyped!


IM THERE. :tup:


Man this is happening on the same weekend as my cousin’s wedding in Mississippi. Can’t shirk them best man duties :frowning: I will be watching the stream though so make it hype as hell!


Seems like the new location is quite a bit more of a drive coming from the North, but it should be worth it.
Final Round has gotten way too big for the old venue.

I’ll be there, repping SNK all weekend as usual. Hopefully KOF 13 will be out in time to be an official game. Get Hype!


I see on the website that Pool play is confirmed this year, which I think is a great idea.
Are we doing this just for the really big games (SF4, Tekken), or all the official games?


Really should have gone this year (since I live 10 minutes from it), but I’m making sure that I’m there next year. :slight_smile:


shouldnt it be final round xiv instead of final round ix




Yea the pool play will be for the bigger tournament games like ssf4 and tekken6. Tournaments smaller than 128 man will be run on a standard double elimination bracket. Yea I hope KOF13 is out on console bythen also. If not KOF2k2um will be an official tournament game most likely.


NC represents at FR every year! There MIGHT be a 3s side joint, but if it happens it will be on arcade only. My showcase cab will have all sanwa joysticks and buttons by the time FR14 rolls around! Get hype!!!


I don’t know how I’m suppose to say about this post. I hope you come out this year, but we are having the event by the airport this year.

Family comes 1st sir. There will be plenty more FR to attend in the future. You got to post some pics of the wedding.

Also this year we are looking for 20-30 volenteers to help run the pools at FR14. You will need SOME kind of exp with running a bracket. All volenteers will recieve free entry into FR14 and an official FR staff shirt.

I will need the following info:

real name
gamers tag
city, state
games you play

the reason we want you know what games you like to play is to try and put you in game to like to play as a judge.



We doing SSF4 regionals this year too? And is streak still doing new AVs?


I’m ridin with this guy LOL


ALWAYS there. Good shit.

Hope Arcana 3 makes it.


R.I.P Random Select

the resturant with a chinese buffet that sells pizza made by mexicans with opera music in the background while watching pax tv…in the hood

Larry for the people who have already submitted applications is it based off on a first come first serve basis or are you going by experience? im mean like pairing someone with less experience up with someone who has alot so that way they can learn better or something like that…

either way ill be there…


The weekend of FR XIV fell a week before I plan on making a trip to Houston. If I’m not out of the country by then I’ll be there.


Great stuff, you have no idea how happy it makes me to hear that.

With the Japanese coming this year, the competition for KOF 2k2UM/13 will be better than ever.


GS Larry, esp with getting the Final Round ranbat set up! That’s an awesome idea and will pay off huge for you guys!