Final Round XIV Results

Reserving - results will be here:

This is also the page where pools for MvC3 and SSF4 will be posted later this evening.

300+ people in both games :slight_smile:

Over 50 matches from day 1 of Final Round 2011 are up at YouTube - DSPStreetFighter’s Channel

When is 3s teams happening?

It didn’t :frowning:


Update on MvC3 teams?

Jebailey The Situation

What about super sf4 teams?

Thank you to Flash for making Joe look awesome.

Thank you to Marn for making Zero look awesome.

Thank you to Combo for making Spencer look awesome.

Thank you to Justin for making Ammy look awesome.

Fuck the entire rest of the legion of Phoenix / Sent scrubs.

Good fucking shit.

Wat u know about that BIONIC ARRRRRRRM?!

This trumped Winter Brawl on all counts imo.

Can’t wait for EVO lol.

GGs to everyone i played

Shoutouts to tallahassee and NC crew doing it big!!

I was there reppin that good captain america! Had a blast see you all soon! :smile:

We’re gonna see the BIONIC AAAAAAAAAARMY

Bionic arm? That’s not what the crowd was saying… it was more like BIONIC DOUUUUUUUUUUUUCHE

Also, shoutouts to everyone at the venue bitching and whining about getting scrubbed-out by Phoenix/Sentinel teams :rofl:

MvC2 side tourney?

Combofiend is amazing.

Don’t complain about Phoenix/Sent, those guys sucked with them down there. Anyone who didn’t get top 5 in marvel I’m open to MM at EVO.

Needs more Chris. I’ll be at the next major if this shit doesn’t step up. It’s shameful.

Yeah. Chris is a really really good Sent killer. His air guns are amazing at keeping Sent out. Couple him with a few good men, and you have yourself a character.

Shoutouts to derrick legend for puttin these guys on notice.

Shoutouts to noel brown for getting off the mic and delivering some incredibly biased commentary. Talkin shit about the players in the top 16 that arent your buddies is good stuff. /sarcasm/ TO’s please do not give this guy a mic ever again. Please.

Aheads up when the vids will be up? ;D

It was on Friday, I don’t remember who won though.

Good shit to…

  • The entire Auburn/Montgomery crew for helping with transportation, booking, food, and all that good stuff
  • Everyone I played in 3s and GG for helping me level up my game, especially that one guy with the X-Arcade stick for giving me tips w/Potemkin
  • Raph for beasting in SF2, the real man’s game
  • Kevin and Luke for making me look less creepy as we wandered the halls and went to diners at 5am
  • NeoKarsh from Puerto Rico, your Sagat is beast
  • S. Carolina crew for letting me stay at their room for a bit and generally being cool guys
  • Team Spooky, I donated this weekend, you guys should really stream EVO
  • St1ckbug for pretending to be impressed at my Guilty Gear play (you got a sick Jam)
  • anyone else I forgot

Bad shit to…

  • Raph, for being too goddamn lazy to play his Marvel and SSF4 matches even though he probably would’ve won them (your loss bro)
  • that dude playing Chun at the 3s station YO THAT BITCH IS BROKEN (jk (kind of))
  • that one S. Car guy for dodging a Pokemon Puzzle League money match, STAY FREE
  • Delta, for not letting me postpone my trip back to Memphis. My flight moneyyyy!

Also, I feel really bad for stealing that blue PS2/USB converter, you were playing Akatsuki Blitzkampf outside the venue, if you’re reading this send me a PM, I’ll Paypal you

Really fun weekend, I’ll definitely be going next year. Hopefully I’ll see some of you guys in Revival!