Final Sagat USF4 changes revealed. What do you guys think?




  • Close standing light kick is now special, focus, red focus and super cancellable on the second hit.
  • Tiger Knee Crush now makes the opponent stand when it hits.
  • EX Tiger Knee Cruch is now ±0 frames on block instead of -1.
  • Light, Medium, Heavy Tiger Uppercut are now all -5 after doing a FADC->forward dash.
  • Tiger Destruction now does 340 damage instead of 395. Its forward distance has been decreased. If it hits ain airborne opponent in the corner it will give full hits.
  • Tiger Cannon will now give full hits against airborne opponents. Damage against airborne opponents is now 309 instead of 384.


My initial questions:

  1. So can we still FADC backdash into ultra (or at least U2)?

  2. How big of a buff is s.LK cancel? Will we be able to cancel from max range?


I think you can only cancel the second hit if the first connects, so no max range. Overall he’s better but not by much, not sure how good the s.LK buff will be until we see some matches.


i believe only tiger cannon will connect off of a TU FADC backdash


Ah, that’s a bit disappointing. I was hoping it was cancelable at max range so that it would be easier to deal with Fei bullshit, etc.

Still, having thought about it, I suppose the new s.LK will help to break focuses more easily, and it should be possible to hit confirm s.LK > low tiger shot FADC Ultra.


Did I miss the part about towards rh not connecting after a trade or TU fadc ?


No he can still towards rh after a trade or TU fadc. Maybe they meant this can’t happen off of a TU fadc backdash U2?