Final Thought On Evo And Props

i would like to state that mvc2 is just what ec says it is. THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!!! thanks to srk staff for allowing what will go down in EVO history as the most hyped official event ever, the $6600 2 man tourney. best event ever, best crowd ever, best rivalry and awaited match ever.

toyota hooked up the event big time with all the money for prizes, good job peter, cannons, seth, wizard. without the xtra cash we wouldnt have had the huge top tier player turnout from japan, and we all know, no japan, no fun!!

this was the first year i hung around mvc2, strictly cause its vegas, and strictly cause i love to bet. i met the loud mouth ec crew for the first time and damn, these foos get crazy. but after dealing with the noise i came to find out, these are the coolest cats ever. SO MUCH TRASH TALK, I LOVE IT!!! ec mvc2 players are the sickest. props to smoothviper, yipes, rashaan, infinite, matrix, isaac, hevad, wigfall, and the rest of the crew. im sorry if i missed anyone, but nice meeting you all. you made my evo experience godlike.

congrats to all the top 8 placers and especially alex wolfe. you practiced hard, you talked the talk, then you walked the walk. great games and good job winning 1 and giving credit all to the usa. true proud american gamer not filled with all the jap hype.

nice job valle doing what you came to do. gj to all those who helped make this event what it was, and thanks to the cannons and joey once again for letting us run the biggest match in VIDEO GAME HISTORY!!! see you all next year.

if i left anyone out, im sorry, hella tired right now, danny and phil, justin, henry, hsien, rest of texas crew, and yes, even sorry ass marn :slight_smile: all the cali players of course, pad warriors toi and fernie, reset, soo, good stuff, gootecks, yi, amir, johnd, shogo, ty, pyro, chins, rest of the ffa crew (even pussy frank who didnt show up), and the nor cal foos, cableguy, chunks, choi, bronson, buk, and my boys from the cobra kai dojo!! robbie, jaha, paulee, hungbee, ghettod, tragic, sicdic!!!

keep it real people

and to triforce… the beef is settled, lets make the tourney scene come alive again with more stuff like the DUC vs SANFORD MATCH!!! get hype, year after evo gets better, LETS DO THIS PEOPLE!!!

im outs

Evo was truly a great experience for my friends and I. We saw the highest levels of play in each and every game. What really complemented the experience was the Japanese. Despite the language barrier, they managed to make this event that much better. I thank them, the Evo staff, and all the attendees for making Evolution 2006 a highlight of my summer!

I would like to take the time to say thanks for doing a great tournament, my first Evo and had a great time with everything. And GG’s to everyone I played that I won and lost to.

But mostly I would like to say that thanks to Rockefeller for doing the commentary for the finalists. And a ‘fuck you’ to those rude people in the crowd talking trash about him while he was commentating. Very disrespectful.

No Doubt Watts. Good Looks on the Ghengis/Erik match…my niggga Smooth came through strong.

and you right about the hype so Im Saying it right now…

Next Year we gon Run SANFORD VS. ROW 1st to 7 starting at 5gs. I know my ec niggas got Sanfords back…

Who Likes Row?

Lets get this money, its Marvel baby!!!

i like row free

Do it!

I got the 5 on Sanford now.
Itll probably reach over 10 by next year.

must take place at Evo2007 same settings. done

It was my first so I can’t compare to previous ones or anything but I thought it was great. I had no probs at all signing up for anything, everything went about as smooth as I think you could ask for really.

Only advice I’d like to offer is try and book the convention center as early as possible so we can book asap. I know it’s gota be tough to arrange something like this in a place like Vegas though, where convention centers are hella booked.

Props props props.

Fuck you, Watts. A-Town, bitch. Dick in the Beverage style on these hoes. Son.