Final thoughts on EVO west

well, another tourney in the bag and imo, it was pretty successful. if the evo series continues like this, i do see a bright future for it. environment was great, even though it was way to much hall for the amount of people there. but we already discussed this :slight_smile: anyways, gj cannons, wizard, sirlin, chen, and the rest of the people who helped. and even though console is still ass imo, i guess many of us are learing to deal with it. results will be different until the transition is completed. congrats to all the winners and all the people who showed up to support evo west. tourney itself was decent, but for some reason tourneys as of late dont have that competetive feeling to it. i dont know?? just seems like every is friendly now and cool with losing, and no competetive spirit is really shown anymore. gj to john d with the commentary, some hate it, some love it, but without it, 3s sucks!!!

gj staff


btw, if you didnt attend and you are local, you suck!

Yeah I could see this becoming an annual thing for me, enjoyed it alot and its alot better than the old days when tourneys were held in some crappy ass places with nachos and soda being the main form of sustenance.

I know what you mean watson about some people being more content to losing. It might not show because i seem like a nice guy but im out for blood when i play , so is any old schooler. We all do whatever it takes to win, playing cheap ass chars, blind pick whatever. The only way to become the best is to have that inner fire to be the best no matter what and also to never believe someone is better than you.

Thanks for the input. Any idea what the numbers were like in terms of player turnout?

inkblot mentioned a little something about it on IRC. 3s got 86 people, and all the other games had between 40-60 except for DOA and its 11.

Personally, I thought EVO was a fuckin blast…even though i got placed in a bad bracket, I still had a great time. If all EVOs are like this, it makes me want to come every year. It was sick as shit seeing Watts, the Wolfe brothers, Cole and them play HSF, like watching celebrities do what they do best…I hope August has a bigger turnout because it will have both West and East there…im very curious on what the East coast scene is like for HSF…

Till Then, hope to see u SF pros in Vegas!

–Rod (Ultimate n00b Honda!)

A little too large for the amount of players, but was great fun.

just a little bitching on my part.

first off…

this was simply a horrible location…

i had to pay parking everyday, TV’s in hotel room did not have AV hookups.

Secondly, why was CvS2 1 game when there was like 8 stations that were NOT being used…

and in winners bracket, why was it best out of one and then changed to best out of three 2rounds later, only to be changed best out of 1 again for top 8.

only good thing was that casino was down the street.

gg to all the people that took my money in random mvc2 bets.

I really enjoyed the Japanese arcade machine that had ST on it. I’m looking forward to downloading the video when it hits CV.

And parking sucked, it cost far too much.

EVO West was really badass. The location was cool, the atmosphere with air conditioning nice, and a bar upstairs. Yeah, the room felt empty a times. But in time the scene will catch up and fill this place up. I mean, there are so many majors in the summer. Lots of enetertaining craziness, like Finesse in MvC2 and John D’s 3s commentary.

I think the staff deserves hella props. Me, Duc and Buff Mike hung out for a bit afterwards and found out that 4 people (yes, 4 people) set up the entire thing. That’s unloading 40 45 lb televisions, setting up stations, banners, couches, etc. And I know that the Cannons, Sirlin, James Chen, Wizard, Seth were still there after midnight. Great job you guys.

EVO Finals in Vegas is going to be hot.

And I will have Mike Watson shirts for sale!

Parking was 9.90 for the whole day if you said im with the ‘e-v-o’ event to the booth person.

tourney was well run and organized. changing rules in the middle of the tourney (ie. cvs2) was pretty annoying. like others said, the hall seemed way too big for the actual amount of people there.

other than that good shit to EVO staff. evo vegas should be a big success.

Any word on vids? Did anyone record? Are they being used for EVO disc or not?

I wanna see the OG’s beast in AE!

We recorded all the top 8 with direct feed (no crowd sound). Others had tripods set up for non-shaky-cam-footage with crowd noise.

Anyone who has footage, feel free to put it up on YouTube or Google video. This goes for both the quals, but not for the finals.

So the finals of these tourneys (for each game) are a no go? Everything else fair game?

Posting videos of anything from Evo East and Evo West is ok, includng matches from Sunday. The Evo World Finals are off limits until further notice.

holla @ me for hosting i got webspace just chilling

First time to an evo event. Fucking awesome. Fucking awesome. gotta save up now for vegas


Did top 8 get entrance music? Will they at EVO East? I need to plan…

no intro music for evo east/west.

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