Final Tune Up Before T7 At ORBIT on 07/08/2006 (CvS2/MvC2/3S/GGXX#R/A3/ST)

Last chance for everyone to come out and play their local competition before T7…

Date: Saturday July 8th

Place: ORBIT Entertainment

Time: Registration starts at Noon, tournaments start at 2:00pm

Fee: $5 for all games except CvS2 because of the qualifier, which is $15

Format: 2/3 Falls, Double Elimination. CvS2 Qualifier is an Invitational Round Robin.


Super Turbo and Alpha 3 qualifiers are on this date barring ORBIT not installing the boards.

Gordon Thomas has been awarded a CvS2 Qualifier spot after his win on 06/24.

CvS2 Qualifier is Flightwing vs Arcade Legend vs Tigerlee vs Noodleman vs Nagata Lock II vs Jiggabry vs Gerjay vs Poke Guy.

I will make this very clear for the 8 CvS2 participants. If you do not show by 2:00pm I will DQ you and run it without you. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS! I don’t care if you thought sleep was more important. If you have ride problems, you have two weeks to sort it out. If you are not there, you are not playing.

and watch justin comes late cuz of traffic, and get dq himself

I will get top 3 in ST.

I will take a spot in cvs2 if someone doesn’t show up :0

I’m really going to have to keep my fingers crossed for this, aren’t I? :sweat:

I think yellow S4 and Kymah should get a spot on the qualifier aswell.

Gordon!!! Omg!

no ty i don’t want a spot

Oh shit, Gordon wants to retire on top like Elway did.

I thought gerjay was going to be late anyways? so he’s not playing either?

Justin’s pretty notorious for showing up to his own tournies late eh? haha.

Now i have to cancel on something else for this…sigh…

You should add more people to the qualifiers. I like money and it feels like half the players listed will drop out.

Money Matches

g3nn vs Gerjay for $100 (g3nn vs Nagata)
Quan vs Nagata for $5 (Quan vs JS) & $20 (g3nn vs JS)

I quit Marvel

Tylor; Talk pas shit.

Forfeit accepted.

Thanks for the free money JS!


:rolleyes: I quoted and it said “talk pas shit” :rolleyes:

but we all share your shock over Tylor talking shit for the first time in his life.

I’ll play Justin for money and Eric for a very very small amount.

hey stupid!
i dont think u get it still.

Can I take Nagatas spot??? :wink:

green ill mm your mag/storm/psylock team against my team … $5 2/3 ?