Final Yang Changelist: USF4




Movement speed slightly increased
Close Standing LK start-up reduced by 1 frame (5F → 4F)
Close Standing MK hitbox expanded downward, easier to connect on crouching opponents
Far Standing MP now Special-, Super Combo- and EX Focus-cancellable
Far Standing LK start-up reduced by 1 frame (5F → 4F)
Crouching LK damage increased by 10 (20 → 30)
Diagonal Jump MK hitbox size expanded, now in between the AE and Ver.2012 versions
L and M Torou Zan 3rd hit damage increased by 5 (60 → 65)
H Torou Zan 3rd hit damage increased by 10 (60 → 70)
L, M, H and EX Torou Zan hitbox increased downward
L Senkyutai 1st hit hit-stop increased by 4 frames (8F → 12F) (now matches the hit-stop on block)
All versions of Zenpo Tenshin now do 1 damage (0 → 1); L Senkyutai → FADC→ Dash forward -5 on block
Tenshin Senkyutai (UC2) start-up reduced by 1 frame (7F → 6F)
Mantis strike hitboxes increased downward

FromCapcom Unity


I guess the obvious question is why slashes were expanded downward. Do they expect them to be used in footsies?


Perhaps it’s to prevent the second slash from whiffing on certain characters.


Maybe it connects on sakura/akuma/etc more reliably now?

I have no idea


Yea pretty much. I remember the 2nd hit of the rekka would whiff on characters like Oni. It gets me so angry every time that happens.

I am extremely happy with the changes.


Hopefully the second hit of the EX slashes has a downward expanded hitbox too, that way we’ll be able to punish Akuma’s sweep on block at any range via kara EX slash, right now the second hit whiffs over his reel animation.


I really wish that yang was given 50 more hp. Or the second hit of close stand heavy punch could link into itself from FADC

I suppose that’s useless at this point though. Win with the tools I’m given, and all that Jazz


The new tools we’ve been given should have Yang be fine for Ultra I think. I wonder how good that is now for cross ups


After talking with Peter before final changes were released and yesterday, the slashes were expanded downward so that we dont get fucked with them whiffing. Ex rekka also got this fix (see punishing akumas sweep on block/whiff). Yang got everything he needed ( one or two frames less dk recovery would have been nice but whatever). See everyone in ultra.


God bless combofiend. Not getting punished on HIT was all the I ever wanted.


Rekkas no longer whiffing is pretty huge. Helps big time in 4-5 match-ups.


fyi…crossup and divekick setups do not work or shit on elena…more lab time needed…also st.lp whiffs too


Yang is so good now !


j.MK is still pretty bad, isn’t it? I had a hard time crossing up Ryu who was just standing there.


You have to kinda get a feel for it. I’ve been playing in Japanese arcades for the past 2 months and I can say its useful ranges take some getting used to.


I have been using the crossup pretty liberally… I dunno, maybe it’s cause throughout 2012 i practiced so much that i could consistently land it in many situations, even then. Now it seems freaking AMAZING, since i never even played yang before 2012 i can’t compare to vanilla AE but still. I’ve been playing for most of today and it pretty much crosses up at will as far as i can tell. Keep practicing :slight_smile:

They do work… sometimes…

her hurtbox is crazy ridiculous though. like seriously, what happened to neutral stances not wildly affecting hurtboxes? s.lp missing is a bummer but i quickly adapted to her by using similar tactics as i do with chun


walk back, forth and/or under opponent into either lk, mp,, xx slash is so good now.


? its just as good as it was last week


Yes, keep practicing. Mk crossup works but you have to do with a correct timing and spacing.


walk speed makes it even better. also a faster lk and far mp helps a lot.