Final Yun Changelist: USF4



Final Changelist:


Far Standing MP damage increased by 10 (50 → 60)
Crouching MP damage increased by 10 (50 → 60)
Jumping MK active frames reduced by 4 (8F → 4F); Crosses up more often
All versions of Zenpo Tenshin now do 1 damage (0 → 1)
Ex Zesshou Hohou advantage on block increased by 2 frames (-1F → +1F)

From Capcom Unity

looks like not only is Yun getting his HK upkicks invicibility nerf removed and his cmd grab throw range nerf removed, but his can now crossup opponents (who knows how good of a crossup it will be though) and his ex rush punch is now +1. Also seems like the divekick buff that was rumored previously was removed.


These are pretty nice changes. I think reverting the upkicks nerf will help him not get destroyed by Sagat and T Hawk who are going to be tough to beat in USF4. I’d say I’m happy overall now (I guess the bitching paid off!). Me thinks Capcom Japan insisted on these changes because he is pretty popular in Japan.


Looks good, but what could be the reasoning for giving him +1 back?


Capcom are really stupid sometimes.
Yun was easily top 10 in AE2012 and definitely one of the best characters in the game at the japanese arcades, so lets buff him some more of course! Remove his nerfs and buff him!

Damage buff + red focus (+ FADC nerfs to everyone) was all he needed to be potentially top tier. These new buffs, particularly EX lunge and jumping MK crossup, are completely and absolutely 100% unnecessary and even as a yun player this annoys me.

As the above poster said, these changes were clearly made because he’s popular in Japan. This is no way to balance a game.

I cannot understand why you would buff yun after he was clearly so very strong and dominant through the japanese arcade stage. Of course I like yun being buffed, but not when it makes no sense and shows that capcom either don’t understand how to balance characters or pick blatant favourites and buff them based on japanese pro player feedback (this is most likely the case).

Getting advice and feedback from pros is as stupid as getting it from a random online player because pros are equally (If not MORE) biased than the average player when it comes to their character balancing.


Idk what the +1 ex lunge is about. These other changes don’t seem to address yun’s weaknesses or strengths. They seem random. imo, all they needed to do was reduce divekick landing recovery by 1 and increase hit/block stun by 1. I’d take those 2 frames alone over these changes.


This is why fan feedback is retarded. Nobody cares about balancing the game. They just want their favorite characters buffed, so the popular characters with the most vocal fanbases get a bunch of buffs, and the characters that are awful stay awful with a couple of pointless buffs (YO 10 MORE DAMAGE ON HP? SEE YOU IN TOP TIER, HONDA!).

Not that I’m complaining. I’m looking forward to seeing all the tears when Yun is #1 again.


But it hurts the inner non-conformist in all of us.


The nerf on Yun’s jump forward active frames (8frames active now 4 frames active) is a big nerf. In tournament play everybody uses stand jabs to beat Yun’s divekick.

As an answer to the jab anti-air, Yun has to jump forward medium kick early to beat the anti-air jab/uppercut attempts (kinda how zangiefs jump medium kick hits the opponent early, or codys early jump roundhouse, same idea).

Yun will be easier to anti-air in ULTRA so you’ll have to be more careful on your jump attacks. I’d rather have my jump forward back to 8 frames active than a +1 on Ex lunge. Cross up medium kick seems interesting. Yun is looking ridiculously strong though.


Yup. Not to mention that early jumping forward is good in beating ground AAs as well. It was a good aerial mix up between late/early jump forward, to get I’m Guile.

But yea, I’d take my active frames back. Yun already have cross up dive. So I have no idea why they felt that jumping forward needs to be able to cross up. Especially not for the active frames nerf.


its probably a complete over exaggeration too. You can already use his as a crossup on some characters in very specific situations… that will allow a couple more situations at best?
precise spacing on rufus, cornered crouching balrog etc…

I doubt it will be useful but if its even half decent it could definitely allow for some Option selects on some characters


There actually are quite a few cast members that crossup works on. No one has posted about them either because they’d like to keep it under wraps or because the timing of them is so strict they don’t find them useful.


I don’t think there is going to be a Yun army at all, because although he has some really great buffs his dive kick remains unchanged which means it’s still shitty as hell, scrubs won’t be able to just pick him win matches. Yun isn’t scrub friendly in AE2012 and he still isn’t in Ultra.


glad iv spent time brushing up my rusty ass yun in the last month or so. Was sold to pick him up as E ryu/Yun is a duo that cover each others bad matchups fantastically. I was happy with +10 cr mp and his old nerfs but shit. Now its pretty much set in stone.

On the other hand i am going to have a shit load of mirrors to play with daigo, pr rog, and wao thinking about e ryu + the potential return of the yun army. I hate mirrors so much. SF4, Starcraft 2, CS 1.6 AWP vs AWP, Warlock vs Warlock I hate them all lol.

Cody does not do well vs either of them so i guess im destined to alot of mirrors if people migrate like i expect lol.

Im hoping evil ryus execution keeps a mass influx down but if someone was on the fence before i see alot of yuns. @hazeeffekt I think if people have trouble spacing dive kicks those people that bandwagon arnt going to be anything but free. EX lunge +1 on block is going to be annoying as hell but i guess it means less super or red focus combos on the bright side.

I really want to get my hands on this game as i feel like Yun and E ryu can both get a solution to being in the air and seeing “technical” when DWU goes off after a throw mixup. Anyone played the arcade/test version that can confirm. I know e ryu apparently has a semi solution curious about yun’s F throw. Throw mixups are the main thing i care about for all my chars so if there is a way to save them im stoked. I can live without yuns ultra setups or e ryus fadc hard KD setups as i can just tatsu reset with an fadced normal and get sick setups


Or it ends up with AE2012 Cammy. Everyone uses her, but only a handful can actually get the job done in a tournament. Let’s be real. Your average 2k PP/5k BP Cammy can’t do anything, and it looks like Sagat is her worst matchup when it comes to online.


I don’t think the Yun army is returning. The cross up mk is okay but not a big deal. +1 ex lunge will attract a few scrubs, but let’s face it; yun’s old divekick is history. Without that, we can’t get in hella free. I remember when 60%~70% of xbl was yun players divekicking every few seconds with no fear… (or aim lol). If there is a yun army, we can thank exrf for that. If that’s the case, I’m nutswinging over to yang.


This is probably wishful thinking but I wonder if a instant forward jump MK after LP lunge will hit as a cross up in USF4 against characters that Yun jumps over in AE 2012? If it does then I will definitely end more combos with LP lunge just to give myself a alternative way to pressure opponents with. That’s probably one of the first things I’ll test out with Yun when I get USF4.


Some players on the Yun forums said they were dropping Yun for Yang, doubt it now, frauds. (not saying names) cough*

Man looking at those changes i think a Yun army is inevitable, Yun’s not really too hard to use to be honest, maybe at the higher levels but what character isn’t?
I feel kind of guilty seeing that EX lunge +1 on block, and the command grab range/ Hard Upkick nerfs gone, dunno why.

Viper being top tier doesn’t matter though, cause she’s hard to use, i don’t care if you wanna sound cool and say Vipers easy, she’s not. Especially when fighting good players that know the match up against her. I played mirror matches with WolfKrone and had to work my ass off for some rounds.


She’s hard for this game standard. The input leniency makes most of her tricks doable even with very sub par inputs tho ( But it also makes pro players with very clean inputs get wrong results out of them, stupid shortcuts, etc ).
People are mostly scared of putting the time into learning her I feel.

Yun in comparison is really easy. He’s one of the few rushdown character without 1 frames links at all.


There will be no yun army. Obviously a few people will pick him up, but it won’t be anything noticeable at all. Look how good yun is in 2012 (top 10) and he’s one of the most underused characters in the game. The only reason there was ever a yun army was because he was totally braindead broken in AE, like free wins broken. He’ll never be anywhere near that good and easy again.

From the evidence so far the only “army” will be an evil ryu army, I’d say the vast majority of people are sticking with their mains considering most characters got something to make them better.

Where do you guys think yun will rank in ultra? I’m thinking around top 5.

Basically, be happy that our trusty yun got some buffs, be happy that you remained loyal to him and don’t worry what others do. If some people do pick up yun because he seems better than their character then make sure and show them that you’re twice as good with yun than they’ll ever be and that tier whoring will get them nowhere.


LOL this. Complain and say you’re changing character when yours get nerfed. Trash talk people for picking yours up when it gets buffed. #GamingLogic

Makes as much sense and female one.