Finally arcade sticks for ps3 and xbox360

lucky 360 owners might have the vf sticks but as far as ps3 owners go they have been pretty much out of luck. With the massive increase in fighters this year…Ps3 users finally have a stick that looks pretty decent.

The 360 stick looks just like the VF one, I’ll prob end p getting one altho i have a vf stick already.

I’ll prob end up with a socal stick for ps3 as well as one of the sf4 sticks when it has a console release some time later on.

Its about time.

Looks good, but I seriously don’t understand why they have to put all 8 buttons onto the sticks. There ain’t a damn fighting game out there that uses them all and the extra two buttons are annoying because it really screws up my hand placement when wailing on the buttons.

Those look mad sexy.

err HRAP3? HFS3? High Grade? :confused:

HRAP3 for the Pstriple has been out since like a month after launch

these are way better

the 360 one is pretty much a hrap

the 2 up there are identical to FS3, 360 EX, DOA stick, etc etc

These however will be easy access at a fairly cheap price.

edit: I look forward to just being able to go to the store and pick em up, but i didnt know about those above.

them shits is garbage
they have hrap3 for ps3 and hrap ex special for 360

stop dishing out money for shit sticks

spend the extra 60 bucks and get a stick that will last u years and that u can replace the buttons and stick in yourself without haveing to solder or fuckin dremel the case to get a good stick in it

Ooh finally a Hori stick not already sold out!

I’m placing a pre-order for the 360 and PS2 one asap, thanks for the link man.

Don’t waste your money. Go ahead and get the HRAP3, you’ll thank yourself later.

why doesn’t anyone make a universal console stick. I mean, 360, PS3 and Wii all have USB ports, so, c’mon now. I dont want more clutter shit in my house, and besides, I’d pay top dollar for that.

Someone pos rep this man.

That ps3 one is a HFS3 with a SCIV sticker on it.
The 360 one is just an EX2 with a a SCIV sticker on it.

Nothing new, and nothing finally here…

Ps3 owners been out of luck? The ps3 has had the HRAP3 and HFS3 out for months now… and the VSHG (though it had PCB issues).

Man, what’s with that ridiculous button layout on he 360 one? It doesn’t even pretend to look anything like the layout on the controller. Makes UMK3 stupid.

They need to make American sticks, maybe something like SF stick or Pelican stick, both of which are really easy to mod.

Isnt that just the Hori fighting stick 3 with sould calibur art on it :rofl:

:lol: Indeed. PoS all the way. Worst $50 I’ve ever spent. It’s sad what desperation can do to a man.

This is nothing new, unless you concider art something which should have “finally arrived…”