Finally decided to mod my Hori FS3 and need help with mainly where to buy parts

This is the site I currently plan to use
although I’m unsure which ones to buy exactly, since initially i thought i could get any buttons but there seem to be some specifics.
Also, I hear that soldering is required for the buttons, what do they mean by that. Are there any other mods you need to make to the parts in order to make them work for the FS3?
And can a joystick from there work in the FS3 since I don’t want to just replace the restrictor, i’d rather replace the joystick itself.

You will need to grind the holes out to be a bit bigger, but you can use any kind of 30mm button on

Ok, is that all I need to do for the buttons? How about the joystick, can I only switch the plate or can I get a new one entirely?
Btw, Awesome pic, I want one of those little Tao dolls

Follow these links.!/Joystick_Mods/Entries/2009/2/28_Hori_EX2_Sanwa_Upgrade.html

This is his.

This is mine.

Is the EX2 basically the same as the FS3?
And this is what I’ve chose to buy from the site
8x OBSF-30 (4 White, 2 Black, 2 Blue)
does that all work?
PS: Where did you get those?

The FS3 is pretty much the PS3 version of the 360 EX2.

In which case the stick is fine, as it already has quality Sanwa Omron switches on it. No need to bother if its not giving you issues. However, if there are problems then its much easier to just dissemble the stick, and replace the switches themselves and then you’re good to go. The Ball top can also simply be unscrewed and replaced with something else if you want to customize(different color, bubble top, etc).

Much easier than the process required to cram a JLF inside.

The buttons themselves are also just a matter of replacing the switches. Pop them out, remove hori switches, put Sanwa’s in button shells, and replace. No need to dremel.