Finally finished up a project of mine


After speaking with @undamned about UD-CPS2 availability and realizing that it would be a while before he would be able to begin work on one, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Mine is HEAVILY inspired by Undamned’s work and I thank him for his efforts in making this possible! :slight_smile:

For controls, I used 4 UD USB 8 button adapters, for more than one reason.

  1. I wanted to be able to use this with more than just the Fighting games the CPS2 has.
  2. There are games where the 4th button over the JAMMA edge is needed, so I wanted 7 of the 8 buttons on a typical stick usable for 1P and 2P, and for P3 and P4 to be able to use the top row of buttons comfortably.

So after researching what was needed, I devised a way that would allow me to swap between 2 player and 4 player play on the fly.

the issue is that some buttons share directions between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd players. Check this out:

as you can see, the kick buttons for p1/2 are directional and normal inputs for 3/4. to get past that, you would need a 6pdt switch, like this:

or this:

I decided to go with a push button for ease of use. Wiring it up did take some review of the documentation.

As for sound and Video, I originally attempted to make my own based around the Sony CXA2075 encoder, but it didn’t end up working properly and I didn’t have the patience to play with it, so I ended up adding in a JROK 3.1 RGB encoder (which uses the same Sony IC). The AV terminates in a Nintendo Multi AV out Port, so SNES cables (RGB, S-Vid and Composite) will work with it. Audio was pulled from the ports in the front

I worked with a friend of mine that works in a sheet metal shop to fabricate a face plate that would not only support the 4 port USB connector, but would also cover the edge, and give the front of the A Board a streamlined look.

Power is handled by a Multi-Voltage Adapter, which is external. It would have been easier to use a 12V adapter with a DC->DC regulator internally, but I wanted this to be powered by the same PSU as my supergun :).

This has sat on the back burner for a while after a MAJOR HW setback (broken pins, required replacement of the A Board after the attempted repair didn’t work), but I finally finished it.

My 4 player consolized CPS2 is complete.


Always a fan of your work, Lemony.

I like the added versatility of the 2/4-player switch you put in.

I have a spare CPS2 A-Board that’s been on my back-burner for about 2 years now, waiting to be consolized as well… We’ll see when I ever get around to it. Hopefully your work here inspires me to get my ass in gear sooner. :slight_smile:

I may have to look into doing something similar with mine (whenever I get around to it), since AvP is one of the great games for CPS2, and I obviously need it working for 3-players.


Nice work, bonus points for the chart too.


Thanks guys. I really took my time with it. If I had my druthers, I would have added player LEDs, Anodized the faceplate black and had CCPS2 Etched in the blank area on the left in the Capcom Typeface.

I still have time to add all that stuff in, But for now, this will be making the rounds in the local FGC. Retro money matches!


Damn son this is pretty slick. CPS2 dreams coming true left and right.


Do you have a tutorial and parts list on how to make the UD-CPS2?