Finally got a stick!

Just got my first stick. Been a street fighter player since early 90’s. I probably read ever message on this board about parts and sticks. Really super informative and thank you shoryuken for a place for us to share and hang out. We didnt have this in the 90’s thats for sure.

I just got a hrap3. I wanted a custom stick but was kinda unsure about the idea because I wanted one asap.

I have to say Iam very impressed. I grew up on the happ stick at Put Put Golf & Games. Thats when my 2d fighting started and after that never got into consoles really. Just the ps3 for Super Street Fighter HD Remix. I havent used the stick on SF yet but in Tekken DR Online I have to say the square gate and japanese parts are awesome. I thought it would be hard to get used to, but its not the case. The arrangement of button is more ergonomic.

I have combos in street fighter I was worried of executing but just practising w/ the stick seems easy to pull off.

Enough of my rambling just wanted to share my STOKE.

I have to be the only person who tried to switch to stick and just couldn’t do it. Couldn’t even find a comfortable way to hold the damn thing.

Man, you gotta try it again, stick is the way that fighting games are supposed to be played, all the specials are easier to do and you get to use all the buttons, i remember when i played a few times with pads, i couldnt even used the fierce punch while playing street fighter( it just hard to press the upper left trigger on the little pad).

I’m happy for you.

Since I’m interested too in this joystick I’d like to ask you one important info: have you tried this stick with a linux distro?

Could you do it and tell me if the stick is recognized?

Like ETOTHENG said, you got to try. I just started playing with a stick like 2 weeks ago and i never complaint. It was a easy process of adaptation. Of course its still hard doing some stuff, like dashs and getting the motions right at the first time, but it all comes with practice, so just practice :wink:

Swap out the Hori buttons with Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons.

While we all share your enthusiasm,

you didn’t need to make a thread about this.

maybe here

The sixaxis is supported in the joydev driver…and it should be recognized in the hid-core. So I don’t think there should be a problem in using the HRAP3 for linux. Personally, I use linux and used a number of gamepads/joysticks in the past and never had problems. If you’re using a custom kernel, just make sure it’s compiled in. I don’t have a HRAP3 though…just a HRAP2.