Finally got my gift from UDON

After winning the contest like last year i finally get my package. It was worth the wait because the deal was I get like 3 comics, but ends up I get 42! Wow very unexpected. Thx Udon. By the way it’s not even in my hands. It’s at my bros apt so i cant wait to get it. Teaser.

42! Holy shit what a score congrats Man! That sketch looks fat! I thought you asked for a Fei Long or something though.

Now you have a goddamn street fighter library!

In the imortal words of Napoleon Dynamite, “Lucky!”

:crybaby: They gave you that tv too?

I envy your prize and your skills now.

wow man your a really good artist :slight_smile: good things come to good people :slight_smile: ENJOY!

finally… know they also could have made it an alternative S.F cover …that too would have been a decent reward…overall excellent work man…now all you have to wait for is the prize from Drawstick- that hockey player Character just rocked house man. :tup:

Very nice indeed. Congratulations! :party:

Could I see the original drawing you won with?

excellent! you deserve it (esp after after the long wait) :slight_smile:

EDIT: Happy birthday man!

Ah damn. Bappy Hirthday Pete.

Yeah Happy Birthday. It’s crazy how many people are having there birthday lately!