Finally investing in a stick, personal opinions/experiences?


After MvC3 came out, I’ve been taking fighting games more seriously, and I finally have enough money to throw down for an arcade stick. Well, technically it will be my second one… I found a Tekken 6 bundle with the small wireless Hori stick for like 30 bucks a couple of months back. But after trying a better stick (Qanba Q4 if I’m not mistaken), I decided to get a better one. Thing is, I’m extremely picky and I’m not too sure which to get since I can’t really try them out.

I’ve browsed the ‘Which stick should I get’ sticky hundreds of times, but I’m looking for more personal opinions and experiences to make my decision. Right now, I’m waiting for the MadCatz EVO discounts, but I’m also looking at this SCV Hori stick. I know the SCV stick has the Noir layout, but I think the Tekken stick I already own has it too, and that’s what I used to transition from pad to stick. Is the Noir layout too different from the Viewlix (experience wise)? Or are there other sticks you guys would recommend for a sort of intermediate player?

Btw, I do play on 360, but I’m going to start participating in more tournaments, so I guess a dualmod wouldn’t hurt? Unless it’s not that hard to DIY. Thanks!


I absolutely love my madcatz soul caliber stick. It’ll probably be in sale through evo, and the noir layout is very nice.
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Noir* stck l*ayout is a good bit different and was weird to adjust to right away. Having played majority Astro and Vewlix layout, the stick is slightly up and far to the left which felt very different to me. Some might love it, I didn’t particularly care for it.


Qanba Q4RAF. Best stick I ever used, and for the price, is more bang-for-buck than the standard MadCatz selection.


You won’t be disappointed with that SCV Hori. That particular stick has an awesome feature where you can map LB and RB to buttons on the guide panel. I always remove the last two buttons and this feature would make it so I can still navigate through those emblem/title pages on SF4. Great stick especially for 100 bucks. Here is an awesome review for you.


I bought a brawlstick to learn on. Can’t tell if I’m being a whiny scrub or if its starting to go out. But I will say my execution feels a little more solid now.
Hopefully I can cop some sanwa or semitsu shit to put in it.


Yeah, I fell in love with it as soon as I layed eyes on it. And then I used it… My god. The only thing that throws me off is the Start button placement. Have you had any problems with that?

Awesome awesome. And yeah, that price is amazing! I doubt the EVO discounts will be that ridiculous. I just really want that Qanba… I’d get those new Eightarcs but 180 is kind of steep.

Man, I don’t even want to look at my Tekken 6 stick after using that Qanba.

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No, I’m fine with the start button placement. I’ve never accidentally pressed it. It helps that I use the left-side of the buttons in the standard Japanese staggered format. The start button is not a Sanwa, so it’s not very sensitive. It’s a good 1.5 - 2.0 inches away from my fierce and roundhouse assigned buttons, so it’s pretty far away.

It’s better than paying an extra $30 for the Eightarc, which is literally the exact same stick, except for different front panel art and re-location of the start button.


Hmmm, I see what you mean. Damn. Now I really really want it. But the deal on the SCV stick is so damn good. Decisions decisions…

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Qanba eLivePro RF or Kindevu
if you got the money to spare. :smiley:
The fightstick pro or madcatz SCV stick for $100 is always good if you only need a stick for 1 system. Honestly, I don’t like the Hori SCV because of the edges hurt my wrist after playing for a bit. I’ve played on TE’s, Pro’s, and Q4RAF’s and they’re all quite comfortable for me.

If you need a stick for tournaments then go with an Eightarc or Qanba. You might be able to find one on here for cheap since people are trying to get money for EVO.
Theres an Xbox one here if you don’t want to pay more for shipping or tax


If you play on 360 and you’re going to compete in Tournaments, I would suggest that you either dual-mod your stick or get the Qanba Q4RAF


Yeah I think I’m probably going to get the Q4RAF, but just to know, around how much would it cost me to dual mod a stick (if I do it myself)?


dual mod = xbox 360 stick + $30 toodles cthulu (ps3+pc only) + any solder equipment you dont have + time


If you’re going for a TE. Dual modding is very easy with a TE kitty. The qanba would save you the extra cost and hassle. There are some special edition qanbas which have the start button on the side. But cost would be premium as they are limited editions.

Whatever you get, I’d say Sanwa over Seimitsu, Seimitsu offer a little more resistance which make the Sanwa feel like less effort when playing. It’s a minor difference and a matter of opinion but I’ve used both.

I’ve also found that layout is important, I hate that sega layout that hori use and ended up trading a RAP EX for a TE.

Oh and lastly, get an octogate for the jlf. Unless you need to SPD a lot, in which case get a circle gate. The default square gate on the qanbas and tes are horrible.

I wouldn’t actually recommend anything other then a Qanba in your situation.


If you get the TE or V.S. stick which is going on sale right now ($139.99) Do the Kitty mod which is $50 a pop and is solderless and extremely easy to DIY. OTHERWISE, if you choose cheaper and are handy with a soldering tool then buy a Chimp SMD for $30 which you’ll have to solder or have a modder do it for you. In addition if you purchase the SFxT Pro Stick or Mad Catz SCV, you need to use a Chimp SMD or wait after EVO because this new Cerberus product is coming out, which is handy for the Pro Stick and SCV.


Hmmm, around the same price as the Eightarc… And I haven’t soldered anything before so I wouldn’t want to risk anything with my first stick. I guess I’m going for the Q4RAF. Thanks for the help guys!


Why do you recommend the Chimp SMD for the SCV stick over the TE Kitty. Also, isn’t the new Cerberus simply going to be a competing product very similar to the TEKitty?


Don’t think the TE kitty works with the SCV stick.


From what I’ve heard, the SCV doesn’t have enough room. I thought the TE Kitty would work at first because it looked like a TE-S design but that wasn’t the case. The Cerberus is an upgraded smaller size of the TE Kitty and can now be used for the Pro sticks and what nots. Also they can be used to dual mod controllers and fight pads.


In the Madcatz SCV stick? The TE Kitty absolutely fits. I have one with a Kitty in it right next to me, you just need the TE-S Harness.
The Hori SCV stick? I would not recommend a Kitty, I’m sure I could make it work, but that’d be a lot of work for no reason.